Jenny and Ben Real Engagement Story

Ben and I first met online through my best friend. Zandie (my best mate) knew Ben from college, my old college that I’d left the summer before due to illness. Ben was in the year above mine. It was ironic really, that it was her he was after and not me! He was quite annoyed that she’d given me his username. It was obvious to me that whoever he was, Zandie didn’t like him that much. She never trusted me around guys she liked and would lock them away. So here I was being ordered by my best mate to talk to this guy who I’d never met and didn’t even know. I did though, he was polite, nice, kind, courteous. He was ok. Trouble was at the time I was still pinning for my ex who I’d just broken up with.

Anyway, we got closer and as the days went by, the emails became more and more frequent and the fact that Zandie was now dating my ex, didn’t bother either of us. We confessed a strong liking for each other and he would write me poems and long emails, stating how much he loved me and how he couldn’t wait to meet. We started going out on Christmas Eve, even though I wasn’t keen on the idea because we’d never actually met.

January 12th was when we actually did meet up and he was everything I’d hoped he’d be. He was tall, handsome, romantic, sweet, charming, funny, witty. We’ve been going out now for almost 6 months. We spend almost every weekend together and now it’s the holidays, we are spending more time together and planning along weekend away alone.

Last month, we were lying in bed together, chatting into the wee hours and cuddling. I told him something about myself that I’d never revealed to anyone. I was so frightened that he’d end it all and break my heart. He said that it was ok; it was in the past and all we had to do was look forward to our future together. That made me fall in love with him all over again, the fact that he was so forgiving made me heart dance a funny gig inside my rib cage. He held me tight in his arms and said that he never wanted to be without me and that he couldn’t imagine life without me by his side. I could tell he was trying to say something, and the funny little gig inside my heart started turning into an all out rave party, I pulled away and looked at him. I then said, "Does this mean…" the response I got was like a small child who’d been trying to confess to some misdemeanor but didn’t know quite how to say it. He looked so nervous and scared. I turned to him and snuggled back down in his arms with a "I guess this means I get to call you my fiancée from now on" we kissed and laughed and chatted about our future.

Even though the wedding is a few years away (I want to finish my education before we get married) and there’s no engagement ring as yet, we’re still very happy and very much in love.

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