Joanna and Carl Real Engagement Story

Carl and I have been together for some years now and are enjoying a very happy relationship, both working and living together. My surprise and shock reached an all time high today when Carl proposed to me. It transpired that he had asked my parents some weeks previously for permission to marry me. Needless to say that they were over the moon, (and who wouldn’t be – he is wonderful). The first I knew of it was a ‘surprise’ trip to a jewellers to have a look at rings that I might like if the occasion ever arose! I was shocked, stunned, delighted and a little emotional but very, very excited. I then had to wait, unbeknownst to me, until today, when the most beautiful box, containing the most beautiful ring, was produced by the most wonderful person. Carl got down on one knee and proposed, to which I announced, ‘Of course I do,’ and burst into floods of tears.

I am still in shock, not only that I have been asked by Carl, but at the ring he chose, even before I had been to the jewellers with him! He was testing me! I am the luckiest woman alive; I have the kindest, nicest, most loving and caring fiancé in the world; one who I adore and wish to spend my life with. We are both extremely excited. Carl wishes he could have taken me somewhere overseas for the proposal but, as I explained, I can’t think of anywhere nicer than in our home with everything that we love and hold dear to us.

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