Joanne and Neil Real Engagement Story

I met Neil seven years ago when a friend invited me to his house for a barbeque. We didn’t really get the chance to speak as there were about 80 people there. A few hours in to the party I went to the loo. As I came out on to the landing I had the strangest sixth sense that I was supposed to be in this house and to be with Neil. It was a very strange feeling and I went straight downstairs, made a ‘bee line’ for Neil and got talking to him. We had our first date a week later, I’ll always remember the day as it was the day that Princess Diana and Dodi died. A year later on holiday in Cuba, Neil asked me to move in with him so I let my flat out and moved in to his house with him. Four more years passed and we had our ups and downs but basically were very happy.

In January 2001 I discovered I was pregnant. We were over the moon and very excited but unfortunately I miscarried at 13 weeks. Neil and I were devastated and decided to try again as soon as possible for another baby. In March 2002 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl – Georgia – who is now two and half and rules the house! We decided we wanted another baby as soon as possible and in January 2004 I discovered I was pregnant again!

On Valentine’s Day this year, Neil arranged for us to go to our favourite restaurant. Just as we were leaving the house, he told me to hang on as he had something for me to complete my outfit! He then produced a ring box and inside was the most beautiful engagement ring – he then asked if I would marry him! I couldn’t believe it! We had spoken about getting married for a few years but, as we had Georgia and were planning to have another baby, had decided to wait a few more years!

We decided that we would get married in the latter part of 2005 after the second baby was born (due in October 2004). Sadly, two weeks later I miscarried again and had a bit of a tough time having to go back in to hospital on two occasions as I hemorrhaged during the procedure. I was devastated and couldn’t believe that it had happened to us again. We decided once again to try and get pregnant again as quickly as possible, but after three months of trying it didn’t work out. So in July 2004, we decided to put the ‘baby making’ on hold and bring the marriage plans forward! We phoned our local church and they had Friday 24 September 2004 (purely by chance this date is also my birthday) available for us to get married! We booked the date giving ourselves 10 weeks to organize the wedding!

Now the wedding is the day after tomorrow! I can’t believe we have organized it so quickly! Georgia is bridesmaid of course and is so excited about wearing a pretty dress and flowers in her hair!

Some people were concerned that we are to get married on my birthday – but I can’t think of anything I would rather do and it will make the day extra special!

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