Joanne and Steven Real Engagement Story

I met Steven on a blind date on the 15 February 2000. I did NOT want to go on the date and neither did he. My friend Janine was dating Steven’s friend Patrick and they decided to set us up on a blind date.

I had recently come out of a bad relationship and Steven was just going through a messy divorce. Neither of us was looking for a partner, neither of us was interested in ‘putting our hand in the flame’ to get burnt again. However, we were both persuaded to go on the date, but both of us did so with much kicking and screaming.

My first thought at seeing Steven was ”Wow, he’s cute!’ The evening progressed and we got on really well. It all just went from there really. His brother made a joke to a friend that Steven had gone on a blind date and 2 weeks later had still not returned! We were inseparable. We both knew within a week that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

Steven proposed to me on the 5th of May and we are getting married on the 2nd June this year. I cannot believe that I have met someone so wonderful. He is my soul mate. I cannot begin to imagine my life without him.

Janine and Patrick broke up not long after Steven and I met. Fate? We believe so. If Janine had not met Patrick, I doubt that Steven and I would ever have crossed paths. As it is, I feel that fate smiled down on me that day, and I am the happiest woman alive!

We’re both counting the days to the wedding (6 weeks and 6 days!). It can’t come soon enough for us.

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