Katrina and Andy Real Engagement Story

Andy and I had known each other for quite a while before getting together – firstly both being too shy and then with me going to work abroad for several months.
Almost as soon as I returned we knew we wanted to be together and knew that we would get married.

A few months after we started seeing each other my parents moved to Beijing in China. I missed them a lot, particularly when I had to go into hospital for an operation, but Andy was so supportive and took great care of me.
Last Christmas we flew out to Beijing to spend a couple of weeks with my family. On Boxing Day, which is also my birthday, we went to the Great Wall of China for the day. It was a fantastic day, with soft snow falling all around. It was even more magical when Andy produced a ring and said, “So, are you going to marry me?”
We both knew I would agree but, standing there in the snow, with Andy dressed in a huge duffel coat and bobble hat against the cold, I felt it only fair to make him kneel down and propose properly!

As we hugged afterwards, we realized that all the other tourists had stopped to see what was happening. It was the most romantic experience; in a foreign country, on the Great Wall, in the snow, on my birthday.
We are getting married next summer and I hope that the wedding day will be as fantastic as the engagement.

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