Katrina and Richard Real Engagement Story

Richard and I have been together for four and a half years. We got engaged two weeks ago and it’s been amazing!

We were on the second day of our holiday in Barbados. Richard woke in the morning and told me that he had a surprise for me – a massage and manicure at The Sandy Lane Hotel. It was a present as I’d been having a bit of a nightmare at work. I went out for the afternoon and had all this pampering, and then my friend Dionne picked me up saying Rich had to look at the new villa (which we had to move into as ours had building work). So she took me shopping which was nothing out of the ordinary.


Just before 5 o’ clock, we headed back to the villa and I knocked on the door. There was no reply for a minute until Rich said ‘Who is it ?’ and I was like… ‘It’s me silly!’

He opened the door and he was dressed in a lovely white linen shirt and trousers. He had covered the villa in two hundred candles and rose petals from 15 red roses! He then got nervous by my shocked reaction and took me to the other side of the room. He said he had a question to ask me, got down on one knee, pulled open a box with a beautiful ring inside and asked me to marry him I said yes and then all our friends (in Barbados) came in – we had a party and I cried!

I had no idea this was on the cards which is why it was so good ! I’m so in love and so happy that I’m going to spend my life with this man I love so much.

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