Laura and Wayne Real Wedding Story

Laura and Wayne Real Wedding Story

When was your wedding?


How and when did you meet?

Nine years ago when we started working at a brand new leisure centre. Seven years later we got together!


How old are you both?

Wayne – 31, Laura – 25

Where, when and how did he (or you!) propose?

We’d been together nearly a year and a half and decided to drive Route 66 in June of this year. We had an amazing time and covered around 2000 miles across the USA before we reached Las Vegas. We had two nights in Vegas before continuing on to Los Angeles, and on our second day in Vegas Wayne told me he was taking me out for the evening and that I had to be ready by 5pm. Assuming we’d be going to see a show and then have dinner, I got all dressed up and then we went down to wait outside for the taxi that Wayne told me he’d booked. There were a number of taxis outside and it seemed odd to me that we didn’t just get into one of them. It wasn’t until Wayne pointed out a big black limousine and said ‘there it is’ before I realised that was our mode of transport for the evening! The limousine took us to the nearby heliport where we took an evening helicopter ride across the Hoover Dam over to the Grand Canyon. The view was absolutely amazing from the air and really exciting. We stopped in the Grand Canyon for a picnic and some champagne – we were the best dressed there as everyone else had simply worn jeans and trainers knowing how rocky the Grand Canyon can be! The views from the helicopter on the way back to Vegas were breathtaking as the sun began to set in front of us. As we reached The Strip it was dark, and seeing the Vegas lights from the air during the night was amazing. We took the limousine back to the Bellagio where Wayne bought us a bottle of champagne to celebrate our last night in Vegas and nearing the end of our amazing holiday. Wayne suggested we take our drinks outside and watch the show of fountains outside the hotel. The fountains were fantastic and the music was excellent. As the fountain show died down Wayne passed me his champagne glass. I was still a bit mesmerised by my wonderful evening at the time and hadn’t realised Wayne was on one knee. He asked if I would help him make the evening even more perfect by agreeing to be his wife and I of course said yes! The crowds of people that had also been watching the fountain display burst into applause – it was a very emotional experience and the perfect night – one I will never forget!

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