Real Engagement – Christy & Tom

Just 3 weeks ago, my lovely fiancée, Christy, said yes!

To set the scene a little – for the last few years I have been renovating a 1972 VW camper van (see picture below). My brother Sam recently started at RMA Sandhurst, training as an officer.


Christie & Tom Real Engagement

My brother had come home for his Easter break when (as we had planned) he announced he needed to do an assignment set by his superiors, to design and test a military style ‘treasure hunt’ which involved driving around numerous villages in the local area, and answering questions along the way, i.e. ‘What is the name of the memorial building in ____ village?’

As soon as my brother told Christy, she got very excited about helping him out in his task, and offered to try out the challenge to test it for him (of course my brother and myself were extremely happy about this – we were expecting to have to use at least a little bit of persuasion to get her to do it!)

Christy started to get ready, she did her make-up, she looked lovely (even more lovely than usual!!) and did her hair. Then she started doing her nails. At this point my whole family were worried she had guessed what was happening, since she had made such an effort! (She assures me now she had no idea!)

As I had just about finished the renovation of our much loved camper van, I suggested we take it while we went on the challenge.

After a long few hours of answering questions, the quiz led us to a well known picnic area. The information on the sheet said ‘now head to the layby along the side of the road to fill in your answers, try and spot the bridge’. As there was no actual questions to answer at this location, my fiancée suggested we just go home to fill them in! I was adamant we should go, persuading her by saying my brother had probably done it as a joke or something!

We arrived at the picnic area, which overlooked a river, and we jumped into the back of the camper van to start filling in the answer sheet, and I opened the door to let a little air in, I let Christy fill it in while I helped with the clues.

The answer sheet asked for (for instance) the first letter of the 6th answer etc.. Christy started filling these out, the first letter was W, then I, next L, and another L, then Y, O, U, and M, A, R, at this point Christy looked up as if to ask me, but I directed her to keep filling out the form, she did, I guess just in case it wasn’t what she expected! She carried on, R, Y, and then screamed out YES!

Meanwhile I had my brother on the other side of the river inside a pill box taking photos of the big moment! (see below!)

Christie & Tom Real Engagement

Here is a picture of the two of us a few months ago.

Christie & Tom Real Engagement

We are planning to have our wedding in June/July 2013 (dates are yet to be set!). It is early days yet, but we are very flexible with our dates, just looking for the perfect venues for our big day!

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