Tamsin and Gary’s Real Wedding Story

Tamsin and Gary

How did you meet?
Gary and I met on the internet, on Boxing Day 1999. He sent me an email and I replied. we started talking on the phone and then decided to meet in March 2000. He lived 220 miles from me, so I drove all that way to meet him, and it was love at first sight. I moved up there the same week as soon as I could sort things out in Birmingham where I lived at the time. I took my three children and we upped sticks and moved in with him.

Describe the marriage proposal.
He proposed over the phone and I accepted straight away. I knew he was the right one for me, we are so good together.


How long did you spend preparing for the day and how was it?
We started planning the wedding before we had even met – we would talk for hours about the sort of wedding we wanted.>

What type of wedding ceremony did you have and where?
We had a register office wedding with just family and close friends. We wrote our wedding vows ourselves.

Where did you hold your reception and what was it like?
We had the reception at a pub just at the top of our road. The room is very cosy as we were planning on not having too many people there. I made my wedding cake myself and all the decorations too with some help from my friends.

Is there anything you’d change, with hindsight?
I just wish I had met Gary years ago and then we could have had so much more time together .

What advice would you give to couples currently planning their wedding?
The only advice I can give to other couples is to have exactly what YOU want for your wedding day not what other people want. It’s your day not theirs. Although Gary and I met on the net and it was successful, there are a lot of people out there who have got hurt by talking or meeting people from the net. It can be dangerous, Gary and I just got lucky, as did my brother who also met his wife on the net, and he went to America to be with her. Just be careful.

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