Tim and Sarah’s Real Life Wedding

Tim and Sarah

2nd September 2000

How did you meet?
We met at a friends ‘returning to kiwiland’ party…

Describe the marriage proposal.
Tim got off the phone after ringing my dad in America (bride -American, groom -English) to ask permisson and said ‘okay one down one to go’. I said ‘OH I didn’t think you wanted to ring my mother’ (they’re divorced) and Tim said ‘no silly will you marry me?’.


How long did you spend preparing for the day and how was it?
We got engaged on 6 April (his birthday) and were married five months later. Wiith so many out of town guests it was sheer madness. We started right off the bat with plans and the day was crazy but in the end a blast!

What type of wedding ceremony did you have and where?
It was a church wedding held at All Souls in central London.

Where did you hold your reception and what was it like?
The reception in the afternoon (it was an 11.30 am wedding) was ‘bring your own lunch’ in Regents park and the evening was a banquet room at another church St. Paul’s Robert Adam Street.

Is there anything you’d change, with hindsight?
I’d have had someone to help on the day. Those who came from too far had to have lunches made and that was just crazy as no one knew what was for who. Oherwise it was great

What advice would you give to couples currently planning their wedding?
GET ORGANISED! I was like ‘little miss weddings r us’, with lists and stuff and everyone was laughing at me but at the end it really made things go really smooth!

The other thing is our best man was just awesome and the week before the wedding he made us meet with him alone. About five minutes afterwards he said ‘good, you are now to spend the next hours together with no other people and are not allowed to talk about the wedding’! Things were really crazy and it was so good to have time together!

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