Tracy and Gary Real Engagement Story

Gary and I first met 13 years ago on our 1st day at University. After 3.5 years of being, just friends our feelings towards each other changed and we started going out on 14th February of all days!
Over the next 9 years ours was an up and down relationship which nobody thought would last (including us at times!). In February of this year, we went on holiday to Italy with some friends to do some snowboarding and after an eventful week, which involved a 14-hour delay on the way out and me ending up in hospital we got to our last day.
On our last run down the slopes I headed off at my usual speed with Gary following on behind. About half way down the slope, I stopped to wait for Gary to catch up and after a couple of minutes, he landed by my side.
After asking if I was OK he said ‘I have a question to ask you. You know I love you don’t you?’ To which I replied ‘Yes’. He then reached into his jacket and pulled out a ring on a green and yellow sunglasses cord (he later told me he couldn’t find red ribbon, not surprising in a ski resort!) with a ring attached and said ‘Will you marry me?’
At that point, he made me the happiest person in the world and I cannot wait to become Mrs. Evans next year.
It was the most romantic thing he has ever done, and in the most beautiful setting…and I will never ever forget a detail of it!


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