Checklist For A Father Of The Bride’s Wedding Speech

Tick off this handy wedding speech list and you can rest assured you are all set for the big day! Diane & David's real wedding Image from Diane & David’s real wedding As father-of-the-bride, you might already have been very organized and made good use of our sample wedding speeches for you to copy, whether you want a short version, a funny version, a witty version or a sentimental version. Use our Father of the Bride, Groom and Best Man speech creator and have your speech worries disappear within minutes If so, all you need to do now is tick off this handy checklist for one final reassurance that your speech is perfect and you will be all set! Your father-of-the-bride’s wedding speech checklist:

  • Have you practised your speech in front of the mirror or a small audience?
  • Have you worked out how to use the microphone, if there is one?
  • Have you thanked the guests for coming to the wedding? (Remember to mention anyone who has travelled a long distance).
  • Have you thanked anyone who has made some kind of financial contribution to the wedding?
  • Have you told your daughter how proud you are of her?
  • Have you welcomed your new son-in-law into your family?
  • Have you reminisced about your daughter’s pre-wedding years?
  • Have you wished the newlyweds success and happiness in the future?
  • Have you proposed a toast to the bride and groom?

All ticked? Then you are ready for the big day! Good luck! You won’t need it if you speak from the heart.


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