Checklist For A Best Man’s Wedding Speech

Tick off this list and you can rest assured you are ready for your big wedding speech!

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Image from Cassandra & Stephen’s Real Wedding

As best man and with an audience to keep amused with a fabulous wedding speech, you will no doubt have already consulted our guides to everything from choosing the best material for your speech, to what traditional sections to include, how to get your delivery right, what toasts to say and what props to use.

All you need to do now is tick off this handy wedding speech checklist and you are all set!

Best man’s wedding speech checklist:

  • Have you practiced your speech lots and lots?
  • Have you made sure your speech will appeal to a wide range of people and not offend anyone?
  • Is your speech funny, affectionate and charming without being offensive?
  • Have you included thanks to everyone necessary?
  • Have you worked out how to use the microphone, if there is one?
  • Have you timed your speech and made sure it’s about 5 – 8 minutes long and no longer?
  • Have you written your speech down on handy cue cards (if you think you might go blank on the day!)
  • Have you remembered to end your speech with a toast to the bride and groom?

All ticked? Then you are ready for the big day! Good luck!

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