Daddy Cool: 10 Rules Of Successful Father-of-the-Bride Speech

Getting this speech right is harder than you might think. Dads, you have an awful lot of things to cover in a short time frame, so a planning structure and simplicity will be vital.  All families are unique and no two father-daughter relationships are the same. This means there is no template for the perfect Father-of-the-Bride speech. However, there are some important rules to follow. Break them at your peril…

The Groom & Father Of The Groom Laughing


Here are our Ten Commandments for aspiring (and probably by now perspiring) FOBs:

Thou shalt… Plan thy speech carefully in advance, taking advice from trusted friends and family

Thou shalt… Be sober.

Thou shalt… Warmly welcome everyone to the reception.

Thou shalt… Thank important people for the love and support they have shown the happy couple.

Thou shalt… Celebrate your daughter’s life and achievements

Thou shalt… Talk honestly about your feelings on this special day

Thou shalt… Tell her you love her… ideally more than once

Thou shalt… Say warm and positive things about the Groom (however disappointing he may be in reality!)

Thou shalt… Propose a generous, heartfelt toast to the Bride and Groom

Thou shalt definitely not… Overstay thy welcome. Ten minutes is enough.

So good luck Dads!

And, remember, if I may misquote the Bible one more time… blessed are the speechmakers!

Giving a speech doesn’t have to be nerve-racking – all you have to do is know what to mention and what to avoid! Lawrence Bernstein of Great Speech Writing knows a thing or ten about wedding speeches and will be happy to help you with yours!  Please give him a call on 0208 245 899 or contact him here.

Need advice on what to avoid? Check out the Seven Daddy Sins of speechmaking!

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