End on a high!

Sample wedding speech material for you to adapt, if you’re looking for a strong finish

Summing Up

‘I’d like to thank you for your patience and kind attention, and to those of you who managed to stay awake: cheers!’


‘That’s all from me, except to say that, for those of you who’ve never given a speech at a wedding before, if you get an audience half as generous as you lot, you’ll enjoy every minute of it…’

‘So, without further ado, I’d like you charge your glass and thank the Almighty that I’m finally going to sit down and shut up. Cheers!’

‘To the happy couple, may their happiness be complete, their marriage long and prosperous and every wedding speech they hear be funnier and shorter than mine…’

‘And to finish, in the words of that world famous orator, Bugs Bunny: “That’s all folks!”’

Final thoughts

‘One final thought: If marriage is a two‐way street, how come my wife keeps telling me that it’s “my way or the highway”?’

‘One final thought: Always listen carefully to your partner’s advice, so that when things go wrong you can say: “I told you so!”’

‘And finally, marriage should be like supporting a football team: sometimes happy, sometimes sad but always exciting for about an hour and a half on a Saturday!

‘Don’t forget: Never put off until tomorrow something you can do today ‐ especially if that something is saying, “I love you!”’

‘Finally, having you all here today reminds Jeremy and me of just how much love there is in the world. And now that we’re married, we intend to make a whole lot more…’


‘For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health… Pray charge your glasses and toast our delightful newlyweds, Jane and John!’

Now let’s all stand, fill our glasses, and wish today’s happy couple: Love, Laughter and Long Life!’ (Audience repeat: ‘Love, Laughter and Long Life’)

‘Today, Irene and Tony have made the most solemn commitment possible between two people. And so on this joyous day we raise our glasses and say… THE BRIDE AND GROOM!’

‘Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… Please be upstanding and raise your glasses to… the adorable couple!’


‘We give thanks for this special day, and ask for God’s blessing to shine upon Graham and Georgina, whose wedding we have been privileged to witness. Watch over them and guide them as they embark on their new life together, and grant them the strength to cope with life’s highs and lows along the way.’

Said by husband or wife

‘Lord, grant us, as husband and wife, a true understanding and love for one another. Fill us with faith and trust, and grant us the grace to live together in peace and harmony. May we always bear with one another’s weaknesses and grow from each other’s strengths.’

Said by husband or wife

‘Lord, may the love that has brought us together here today grow and mature with each passing year, and may all around us share in the love we bring to each other. Bring us ever closer to You through our love for each other. Amen.’

‘God, bless all our family and friends who have joined us here to share in our special day. Bind us together in your love, and give us all the kindness and patience and wisdom to support each other in all we do. May we rejoice in your blessings for all our days. Amen.’

Grace before meal

‘We give you thanks, Lord, for the wonderful meal we are about to enjoy, and we ask you to bless those who prepared and served it, and Jane and Peter, whose love has brought us here today. Amen’

‘May your marriage be blessed with God’s love and be a shining example to all of the virtues of love, compassion, tolerance and fellowship…’

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