Groom Wedding Speech Structure and Etiquette

Trust us, it’s easy! Just follow our wedding speech guide

As if being centre of attention and promising to love, honour and obey your new wife wasn’t enough for one day, you will also be expected to stand up in front of all your wedding guests and make a speech at the reception.

This speech time gives you and your new wife the opportunity say thank you to all the people who have helped to make the wedding day happen and to present them with gifts.


It also gives you a chance to reflect on the event that has brought everyone together. You may well want to talk about how you met your bride and share some funny and/or touching anecdotes describing how your romance developed.

Now, we know this sounds a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it can be a doddle. Just take a look at our guides to everything from what traditional parts you need to include, what to say if you want to sound romantic, what to say if you want to be funny, what to say if it is your second marriage and there’s even useful lines you can copy to help get you started.

Oh… and to get your speech off to a great start, begin by saying, “My wife and I…” you’ll get an immediate cheer!

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