Honouring the Deceased in Father of the Bride Speech

Pay tribute to a deceased relative or friend by adapting this wedding speech template.

Losing a relative or friend is extremely hard and can really hit home when you attend a big, emotional occasion like a wedding.


Involve the person you are missing in the big day whether this is your mother, brother, sister, grandparents or close friend and you will feel you have done justice to their memory and allowed them to enjoy the occasion with you.

All you need do is pay tribute to them in your wedding speech.

Here’s an example of a wedding speech you could adapt or copy for exactly this purpose:

A wedding speech example that shows how to pay tribute to a deceased relative or friend

‘Seeing my daughter look as radiant as she does on her wedding day makes me so happy.’

‘I am so proud of everything that she has become, as would her mother, June, be, who sadly cannot be with us today, but I know she would agree that this is a day for happiness and looking ahead.’

‘I am so pleased that Sarah and John found each other. I never thought that anyone would be good enough for my little girl, but I am delighted to be proved wrong. John is a lovely man who makes my daughter happy. What more could I ask?’

‘I don’t want to delay the proceedings any longer with my memories of Sarah growing up, like the time when she was almost expelled for trying to burn down her school so she could have a day off – so instead, I am going to ask you all to be upstanding and join me in a toast. Ladies and gentlemen, please raise your glasses. I give you… the bride and groom.’

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