The Groom Is My Brother Speech

Wedding speech material to adapt for when the groom is your brother or son.


By the best man

‘As Jack’s elder brother, I’ve always felt quite protective of him. So when he told me he’d met the most wonderful woman in the world, I felt it was my duty to check her out. No, not like that! The problem is, I’m a lager man whereas Jack drinks bitter. I’m a rugby fan, he’s a football man. I ski, he hates the cold. I’m an owl, he’s a lark. It’s not often we can agree on the same thing. But about my new sister-in-law, Tilly, I can only say, there’s an exception to every rule.’

‘As the great Vinnie Jones would say, today’s been… ’emotional’. Standing here, on my brother’s wedding day, in the company of so many friends and family, I feel overwhelmed with an unusual sense of affection towards Pete. I’ve realised today that the insignificant little twerp I’ve grown up with is actually a much-loved, much-respected man who thoroughly deserves the love and attention that Olivia has been kind enough to offer him.’

‘As David’s twin, I have lived my life alongside his. It’s as though we’ve been running the same race together. But today, it’s time for me to hand over my baton to Amanda. I wish you both all the luck and love in the world as you run life’s course together. As will all great sporting partnerships, when one is weak, the other will be strong, and whatever hurdles are put in your way, you’ll get over them together. Enjoy your journey.’

‘I’ve learnt to be wary about Carl’s opinions. He it was, after all, who convinced me I’d look good with a moustache, told me cerise was the new black and persuaded me to swap my open-top MG for (his) Ford Fiesta. But when he told me that Sarah was the best thing that had ever happened to him, there was no question that for once he’d got it absolutely right.’

By the chief bridesmaid

‘As you probably all know, the groom is, in fact, my brother. Quite what attracted the bride to my childhood tormentor I’ll never know. All I can say is if her ideal man burps, farts, swears, smells and snores, she’s found Mr Right.’

‘When Polly first started going out with my brother, I had mixed emotions. Here was my best friend: the person with whom I’d laughed, cried, shared secrets, watched soppy movies, shopped till we dropped and eaten copious amounts of chocolate with… and he was mad about Polly!’

‘I don’t feel that I’m losing a brother any more than I feel I’m losing my best friend. The fact that two of the most valuable people in my life have fallen in love just fills me with great joy. Knowing them as well as I do, I’m confident that their love will only grow and flourish further as the years go by.’

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