No Stopping Them Now Speech Material

Wedding speech template for you to adapt, to talk about how the bride and groom look like an unbeatable team!


Bride and groom getaway cake topper at the Confetti shop!

By the father of the bride

‘I look at the two of you and think to myself, what a wonderful life you have in front of you. There’s no stopping you now. The only thing I would advise, Jeff – it’s an old cliche, but it’s true – is never go to bed on an argument. You never know if you’re going to wake up otherwise…’

By the father/mother of the groom

‘Just before we set off for the church this morning, Miles turned to me and said, ‘Me and Helen, there’s no stopping us now.’ ‘There is,’ I said. ‘We’ve got ten minutes to get to the church and your car’s got a flat…”

By a family member/uncle

‘Looking at these two, I think you’ll agree that there’s no stopping a couple like them. Individually they were successful, but together they can achieve anything, go anywhere and be anybody they want to be. I look forward to watching the two of you enjoying your life together and I feel privileged to be a part of it by being here today…’

By the best man

‘There’s no stopping them now. the bride and groom are an unbeatable team.Unless, of course, Rob’s court hearing goes the wrong way and he gets banged up for that donkey-and-road-sign incident on the stag, obviously…’

By the chief bridesmaid

‘I think you’ll all agree that the two of them together will make an awesome team. With his drive, determination and passion for DIY, and her ability to look interested, there’ll be no stopping them…’

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