Romantic Wedding Speech

No matter what your role, if you want to say something heartfelt, here’s some great romantic wedding speech material for you to adapt. Weddings are all about emotion, and taking time out for a shared romantic moment with your audience will only enhance the good feelings. If you can’t tell you new husband or wife that you love them now, when can you? It’s time to get romantic!


Image from Louise & Kevin’s Real Wedding

For the bride

‘Of course, I couldn’t let this prime opportunity pass to embarrass Romeo in public. (aside) Get used to it, mate! No, seriously, I wanted to say something soppy and sentimental and it’s simply this – the three years that have passed since I met Romeo have been the happiest of my life so far. The fact that I now get to spend the rest it with him makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.’

‘This morning, I asked my mother, “What did you feel like when you and Dad got married?” and she said, “I felt like that look on your face – pure happiness”. Well, I want to thank my new husband, Romeo, for putting this smile on my face.’

‘You can tell from the care and attention that my parents have taken in organising today, how wonderful my family is. Well, how do you top a family like that? I can only say that it would take a very special person to make me want to leave that family and start a new one of my own – and that person is Romeo.’

‘When I first met Romeo in a (insert venue) I couldn’t wait to tell my best friend – and today my bridesmaid – Jenny. “He’ll never want to go out with me – he’s gorgeous!” I said to her. But he did. So imagine how I feel now that this bloke, who I thought would never look twice at me, has actually asked me to marry him – even if he doesn’t look as good close up! Seriously, I’m overwhelmed and delighted and I’d like to thank him for not losing my phone number that night …’

‘What can I say about Romeo? Well, he’s a terrible driver, is obsessed with sport and never does the washing up. But I love him. And I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him because he is the funniest, most loyal and sexiest man I know. But I would also like to thank whoever bought us the portable TV set and the dishwasher …’

For the groom

‘I knew I wanted to marry Juliet from the first time I saw her and I’m glad to say that three years later, I have finally persuaded her to become my wife. My next campaign is to get her to have lots of children, because, in my opinion, there can’t be too much of Juliet in this world.’

‘I can count the number of times I’ve been deliriously happy in my life and there have been three. The first was when I was seven and our school caught fire (or some other childhood memory) and so they let us go on holidays a week early. The second was when Arsenal did the double (or some other personal favourite moment) and the third is still going on now: it started the day I met Juliet and is still happening today …’

For the father-of-the-bride

‘Of course, I’m biased, but I must say how proud I am of Juliet and how beautiful she looks today. And if she is half as happy as I have been for the last xx years with her mother, then she and Romeo have a wonderful marriage to look forward to.’

‘I knew Romeo was the one for Juliet when my daughter came and asked me: “What would you think if I got married, Dad?” Of course, at such a moment your heart sinks – after all, no father wants to lose his little girl, even if it is to a wonderful man like Romeo. But today, my heart isn’t sinking, but full of emotion to see her here looking so happy and all of you who have come to celebrate with us. And of course, I haven’t lost a daughter at all – but in fact gained a son!’

‘I was remarking to my wife recently how it seems only yesterday that Juliet was born and now here she is, a married woman. And what I wish for her today is really not that different from what I hoped for her that day back in 19xx, when she arrived kicking and screaming into the world. I hope she always knows that she is loved. (Pause) As long as she doesn’t need a party on this scale again to prove it!’

For the best man

‘Seriously though, I knew Romeo was in love even before he started dropping out of midweek football and leaving the pub pre-closing time. And if there was ever a good reason to forgo a game of footie, or that last pint of lager, then that reason is Juliet. In fact, the whole football team turned up today, not to support him, but in the hope that they might just be asked to stand in at the last minute..!’

‘Romeo has always been a lucky fellow. I know because we have visited several casinos together! If he bets on black, black comes up. If he puts ten pence in a slot machine, he gets three of those marrow thingies. If he bets on a horse, it wins by a length – you get the picture. But now Romeo can finally give up gambling altogether. And not just because he’ll have to. But because where can you go from winning the jackpot of all time – that is, Juliet.’

‘Being a single bloke, there’s not been much call in my life so far to talk about love (ahhhh). But seeing these two together, so happy and in love, it makes me feel both delighted for them and also green with envy! So if there are any single girls out there, touched by my sensitivity, my telephone number is xxxxx – alternatively I’ll be drowning my sorrows at the bar later.’

‘It was about three years ago when Romeo came to me and said, “I think she’s the one”. I said, “Rubbish, have a pint”. A couple of weeks later, he was still going strong and he came to me again and said, “I really do think she’s the one for me” and I said; “Stop talking nonsense and have a pint”. Then finally, one day, Romeo came into the pub and said, “Mate, she’s definitely the one” and “I said “Sit down, daft boy, and have a pint” and that’s when he saw Juliet, sitting at the next table. And since then, he’s never talked about getting a motorcycle/car/dog again. Juliet has become the one true love of his life – and they have me to thank for that! I can only wonder what might have happened if I’d let him go off shopping alone and been left with her myself… but then Romeo has always been the lucky one.’

‘I once asked Romeo how he knew that Juliet was the one for him. And he could only describe it in his own inimitable terms, which I will now – totally against his express wishes – share with you all. He said that it was like supporting a Vauxhall Conference League team (and he should know). You follow them in all weathers, to watch a load of players running some crappy pitch anywhere, just to see them play. And you don’t do it for any other reason than because you love them and you are loyal to them, whatever happens. Don’t worry Juliet, he meant it as a compliment! And I think we would all agree that these two come into the very Premier League of couples.’

For a married best man

‘And now for the sloppy bit. I got married myself quite recently and so I’d like to add, on a personal note, that I wish you just as much happiness on your special day as we had on ours – but not the rows we had on our honeymoon! Only kidding – seriously, you both look very happy and so you should, you make a great couple.’

For a relative/friend standing in for a deceased parent

‘I’m sure that (insert name) will be looking down on you both today, if he/she’s not blinded by those dazzling smiles! I’m sure that he/she would be delighted to see you both so much in love and obviously so excited about your future together, because today is really about looking forward as we welcome a new member into the family.’

For a couple who have lived together for a long time

‘People have asked us, why after all these years have we decided to get married at all? And here is my answer: I wanted to show the world how much this man/woman means to me. And to stand up in public and vow to be together forever. And to gather all our family and friends around us to witness it…oh, yes and then there’s the married couple’s tax allowance! Seriously, I have always loved Romeo/Juliet, but today is really special – today I get to call him/her my husband/wife.’

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