Sample material: Communication is the key

Wedding speech material for you to adapt, for when you want to emphasise that talking is the key to a lasting marriage

For the father of the bride

‘Nick I’m sure that throughout your life, wise people have assured you that as long as you communicate honestly with women and let them know what’s on your mind, you’ll find you have fulfilling and rewarding relationships with them. That’s true to a certain extent, but I’d like to update the theory to be more specific to my daughter. By all means communicate with Anna. But remember, just like her mother, she’s always right.’


For the best man

‘Happily married people the world over will testify that the key to a strong marriage is communication, both spoken and non‐verbal. So Max, when you offer Judy a cup of tea in the morning, and all you receive is a thumbs up from under the duvet, take this as a show of her appreciation. And Judy, here’s how to tell when Max is dying to kiss you. Look for the expression he was wearing in church today.’

For the chief bridesmaid

‘As in any marriage, communication is one of the main reasons that Simon and I are still together. On our wedding day, happily married friends and relatives all emphasised to us the importance of talking things through, thinking things over and sorting things out to make our life together as strong as possible. And I can honestly say that the advice rang true: communication is the key, to our happy marriage. I talk and Simon listens.’

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