Sample material: For the stand-in speaker

Wedding speech material for you to adapt ‐‐ simply pick the most appropriate lines below and slot them into your speech

The introduction

  • I am delighted to be here and feel very privileged to have been Nicola’s step‐father for the last 15 years.
  • I feel very honoured to stand here and speak on behalf of my father, who would have loved to see my sister, Nicola, marry John.
  • As Nicola’s godfather, I’ve been asked by her parents to welcome you all to her wedding and say a few words about their beautiful daughter.

The thanks

  • Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to thank you all for being here today to witness the marriage of Nicola and John.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, I’m delighted to see so many of you here today to share this special day with Nicola and John.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, I know how delighted Nicola and John are to see so many of their friends and relatives on their special day/the most important day of their lives.

Thanking contributors

  • Today would not have been possible without the generous help of both sets of parents, Ken and Angela, and Fred and Jane. I know that the couple are very grateful to them.
  • Nicola and John have done a wonderful job with the wedding arrangements, but they would like to make a special mention of Vikki, who very generously donated the magnificent flowers.

Complimenting the bride

  • I know that Ken and Angela are very proud of their daughter Nicola. She has worked extremely hard to get to where she is today [name her career or mention what she has studied at university] and she is a beautiful/radiant/gorgeous bride. However, I will always remember her as a scruffy/an inquisitive/ a mischievous baby/child/ adolescent.
  • Nicola makes a glamorous/radiant/gorgeous/lovely bride but, to me, she will always be a scruffy/mischievous/solemn/beautiful baby/teenager. Her family and friends are so proud of her, not only because she has been so successful in [name her career/ studying/ hobbies or achievements], but because she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside/a generous, warm‐hearted and loving woman.
  • Seeing Nicola here today, looking so beautiful/radiant/happy. I would never have recognised the baby/child/teenager who loved nothing better than to [tell sweet anecdote, eg play with caterpillars/climb trees/play weddings with her dolls etc]. I am honoured/proud to be here today speaking on behalf of her family, and I know that Ken and Angela are so proud that she has grown into such a wonderful/sweet natured/ kind women.

Welcoming the groom

  • I am not only delighted for Nicola on her wedding day, but also for John. He is a good man and I know that Ken and Angela are delighted to welcome him into their family. Nicola and John make a beautiful couple and they have a lot in common. I am sure that they will be as happy in 20 years’ time as they are today.
  • John, you are the perfect man for Nicola. You are kind, warm‐hearted and generous, and she deserves nothing less. On behalf of Ken and Angela, I am delighted to welcome you into the family.
  • I’ve always thought that it would be difficult for Nicola to find a man who was worthy of her, but I was wrong. John is perfect for her, and I know that I speak on Ken and Angela’s behalf when I say how delighted we all are that you have married Nicola.

Toasting the bride and groom

Wait for all of the glasses to be filled before asking guests to stand for the first toast. Remember to wait for silence before starting the toast as you don’t want to be drowned out by scraping chairs. Here’s some suggestions:


  • Ladies and gentlemen, please be upstanding and raise your glasses, I give you…the bride and groom.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, please be upstanding and charge your glasses, I give you… the bride and groom.

Ladies and gentlemen, please be upstanding and join me in a toast to… the bride and groom.

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