Sample material: Old-fashioned declarations of love

Wedding speech material for you to adapt should you want to say something touching using the words of yesteryear

‘I was never on the lookout for someone like my wife because I had no idea such a wonderful combination of qualities could exist in one person. Carole: you are everything I never knew I always wanted.’


‘I consider myself the luckiest man/woman alive… because I had the great fortune to fall in love with my greatest friend.’

‘Marriage is an exciting and daunting prospect for anyone. But as we set off down the long and winding road together, I know that with Catherine by my side, I could not wish for a wiser, kinder guide and companion.’

‘I’ve always known Marcelle was the girl for me. After all, what’s not to like? But what I’ve never quite understood is what’s in it for her. Meeting and being with her has been like a fantastic dream come true. I just hope I never wake up…’

‘I want to thank Paul for all the joy and warmth and strength we have already shared, and for all the plans we have made and the pleasures that lie ahead. But most of all I want to thank him for saying “Yes”.’

‘In preparing for this moment, I’ve been searching hard in books and films to come up with one great poetic phrase that would eloquently sum up everything that I feel about you, and how much this moment means to me. But nothing quite expressed what I wanted to say, so let me keep it old‐fashioned and say, before all our family and friends today: I love you.’

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