Speech material: Coming together

Wedding speech material for you to adapt, for when a family is uniting

By the father of bride

‘It’s a pleasure to be able to welcome you all here to celebrate the marriage of Jessica and Nick. One of the best things about today is that we’ve been able to bring all our family and friends together to mark this joyous occasion. We hope that you’ll all thoroughly enjoy our special day.’


‘Weddings are a marvellous excuse for a big party and today is no exception. We have a simply enormous crowd here ‐‐ aunts, uncles, cousins, friends… I think I even recognise a few of you!’

‘They say that one of the best things about weddings is the way they bring families together. Well, that’s certainly true of this one. People have come here today from far and wide ‐‐ France, the US, Spain… I believe there may even be some from Manchester.’

‘Seeing all the members of my family in one place is quite a novelty. Modern life is so busy that we’re all usually rushing off in separate directions. The celebration of Polly and Nathan’s marriage gives us the chance to relax and enjoy each other’s company.’

By the groom

‘Weddings are an interesting experience, not least because they’re one of the rare occasions on which one’s family and friends get together. In fact, this is the only occasion in living memory when my friends have spent an evening with my family. So I’d like to use this opportunity to announce a list of subjects that are banned tonight ‐‐ politics, religion, the Euro, sex ‐‐ and, of course, Arsenal’s chances in the European Cup. They are going to win and that’s the end of it. Apart from that ‐‐ enjoy yourselves.’

‘Weddings throw people together in the nicest possible way. It’s great to see Laura’s friends and my friends, Laura’s family and my family, all celebrating our happy day. I want to thank you all for coming to our wedding and helping to make it such an enjoyable occasion.’

‘Having my friends as wedding guests has certainly put them in a new light. I couldn’t imagine them all suited and booted before and they probably feel the same about me. You all look a little bit uncomfortable lads ‐‐ but don’t worry, you scrub up nicely.’

By the best man

‘Being Tim’s best man has been a real privilege, not least because I’ve had the chance to meet his and Sarah’s families. They are delightful people and have really pulled out all the stops to put on a fantastic spread for all of us. So, lads, make sure that you behave yourselves ‐‐ remember you’re not at the stag night now.’

‘The occasion of Charlotte and Matthew’s wedding is also the first time that the first XI rugby team has been reunited since our university days. And in the spirit of friends reunited, I’d like you all to raise a yard of ale to the bride and groom. We will not, however, be dropping our trousers or singing any inappropriate songs.’

‘I’m glad to see young and old having a good time today. And I look forward to seeing you all shake your booty on the dancefloor.’

By the bride

‘Wow ‐‐ what a lot of people! But at least I know you’re a friendly audience. I’d like to thank you all so much for coming here today to take part in the celebration of our marriage. Weddings are real family occasions and it’s lovely to see so many aunts, uncles and cousins here, many of whom I haven’t seen for an awfully long time ‐‐ although I do wish some of you would stop patting me on the head and remarking on how much I’ve grown.’

‘I’d like to thank everyone who’s complimented me on my dress and I have to say that, in the words of the song, you’re all looking wonderful tonight. I never realised I had such well‐dressed, good‐looking family and friends. There’s definitely some Kate Mosses and Brad Pitts out there.’

‘Today, all the important people in my life are here. My family, my friends, and of course, Tom’s family and friends. Being surrounded by the people we love the most is fantastic. Without your help and support, I don’t think we could have got this far, and we hope you all enjoy yourselves today as much as we’re going to.’

‘All my friends are here tonight and I couldn’t be happier to see them ‐‐ although I’m not sure if they feel the same way about me as I’ve been in a frenzy of pre‐wedding anxiety for about the last six months. Thanks girls, I couldn’t have done it all without you. Now just make sure that you have a fantastic time.’

By the chief bridesmaid

‘Being at Sally and George’s wedding is a real ôfriends reunitedö experience. There are people here tonight who haven’t been together since we did our A’ levels. It all takes me back to the days of big hair, cocktails and Wham! songs ‐‐ well, I’ll definitely be requesting Club Tropicana later and I hope you’ll all be joining me for a boogie.’

‘Seeing Paul and Harriet’s families together is an interesting experience. I can certainly see where they both get their brains and good looks from, not to mention their limitless capacity for partying.’

‘As some of you may know, Ella and Anthony met when we were all working together and it’s great to see that so many people from our old office have turned up here today. We’ll have to get together round the photocopier for a good gossip later on.’

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