Speech material: Heartfelt thanks

Wedding speech material for you to adapt, to express those sincere moments of gratitude

By the father of the bride

‘When my daughter told us she was getting married, she said: ‘Don’t worry, George and I will organise everything’. And we thought, ‘Yeah, right!’ We had visions of sitting down to eat the one thing Angela can actually cook ‐‐ cheese‐on‐toast. But today has made me more proud than ever of my little girl… so thank you, Anna and George, for an elegant, wonderful occasion!’


‘My daughter is, as you know, somewhat independent‐minded. In fact, she and Eddie have insisted on paying for today themselves. Obviously my wife and I offered but would they accept our help? No! Eventually, they agreed we could pay for one thing… this ornamental cake knife/ champagne pourer/ the bride’s bouquet… (Picks up the item and looks at it). I must say, you don’t get much for five grand these days…! Seriously, though, they did do it all themselves ‐‐ and hasn’t it been wonderful?’

‘I think there comes a time in any father’s life when he has to accept that he doesn’t have all the answers. But that’s OK. Because his wife does! I think we’d all agree she has done us proud today…’

By the groom

‘They say that love is the greatest teacher. So I’d like to thank my new wife for everything she’s taught me over the last few months. That serviettes are actually manufactured in sixty‐two different shades of pink. That the wrong wedding cake is a choice you live with for the rest of your life and that my signature looks like a five year‐old’s! Seriously, if my wife hadn’t eaten, slept and drunk this wedding for the last year, we wouldn’t all be having the fantastic time we are today. So thank you from the bottom of my heart, Emma.’

‘This wedding would have been nothing without the superb negotiating skills of Helen’s mother. If there was a deal to be done, she did it. If there was a difference of opinion, she settled it. In fact I believe she’s being seconded to the UN as soon as this reception is over. And (turning to Mother of Bride) I was wondering if perhaps, Mrs Phillips, since we’ve bonded over the organisation of the wedding and are now related, I can finally drop the ‘Mrs Phillips’ and call you something that truly reflects our new relationship… ‘Ma’am!”

By the best man

‘I heard about a man in America who claimed to have attended more weddings that anyone else in the world. Nearly 30,000! He says the key to a good wedding is: good seating, good eating and good friends. And what fantastic chairs they are… No, really, I would add to that list: good hosts. And let’s face it, in Gemma’s parents, Roger and Anne, we have the very best…’

‘In Roman times, after a sumptuous feast, the revellers would show their appreciation to their hosts by vomiting. So, just to say, Mr and Mrs Smith, if you should see any of that happening later, it’s simply a well‐deserved compliment!’

‘I wanted to thank Emily’s family, firstly for inviting us all here today and treating us all to this fabulous reception and secondly for allowing Jez to marry their daughter. People were beginning to think we were a couple…’

By the bride

‘No surprise I’m making a speech, since, as most of you will know, I like to have my say! Which is partly why my mother deserves extra special thanks for helping us organise today in spite of all the arguments. As usual she managed to calm things down and make today perfect. Thank you so much, Mum.’

‘I’d like to thank a whole host of people, including of course both Daniel and my parents ‐ without whom, we’d be sitting in the park eating fish and chips off our laps today! Also to my darling sister whose legendary calming influence has been invaluable on so many occasions during the wedding‐planning process! A special thank‐you also to Uncle Ron whose generosity with his beautiful car meant that not only did I get to the church in style and on time, but also that I avoided the amused looks of strangers on the number 13 bus that Daniel proposed I took to the church!’

‘There is an unsung hero of this wedding. I’d really like to say a few words of thanks to Carmen who made the beautiful dress I’m wearing. Carmen, without your skill and vision, I can’t imagine that today would have been half as enjoyable. Throughout the whole dress‐making saga you kept reassuring me that it would all be alright, and though I didn’t believe you then, watching Ross’ face light up as I walked down the aisle, I’m so glad I listened to you. Thanks.’

By the chief bridesmaid

‘As Chief Bridesmaid I know it’s my duty to get horribly drunk and stare in wonder and envy at the gorgeous bride we see here before us, whilst wondering morosely when it’ll be my turn. But before that happens, and I’ve still got a clear head, I’d like to say an enormous thank you to both sets of parents for enabling today to happen and giving such a splendid party to mark the joining together of Lauren and Matthew. Additionally, Lauren’s Aunty Carol also deserves a huge thank‐you for allowing this wonderful marquee to be pitched in her garden, and welcoming us all so generously. But most of all: Lauren you’re my best friend and I want to thank you so much for the years of friendship as well as for choosing me to be your chief bridesmaid. It’s been an incredible honour and I’ve loved every minute of it.’

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