Speech material: She’s a great mum

Wedding speech material for you to adapt, for when the bride is a safe bet for a Mother of the Year award

By the father of the bride

‘Not only is my daughter Lisa going to make Tim a fantastic wife, we already know what a great mother she is. And I know that her daughter Alice is looking forward to becoming a step‐sister just as soon as she gets the chance!’


‘When Kate brought Paul to meet us we also fell in love. Not with him, of course, but with his daughter Annie… and we know Kate feels the same way and is going to do everything she can to be a great step‐mum…’

‘Many couples say that their wedding day is the best day of their lives. But not Bella and Andy. That day already occurred six months ago when their son George was born. And as for George, every day is the best day of his life because he has a great dad and the most wonderful mother in the world!’ á

By the groom

‘Now, everyone knows that for Lisa, this marriage involves taking on a big kid. The mess, the broken nights, the temper tantrums… and as well as looking after me, she’ll become step‐mum to my son Danny!’

‘Emma is not the only girl I suggested marriage to this year… I also asked her daughter Hayley! Frankly, asking a girl’s father for their daughter’s hand in marriage is nothing compared to asking a toddler. However, once she’d established that I loved the Tweenies and McDonalds, she gave us her blessing.’

‘As everybody knows, Anna has another man in her life. Her son, Alfie. And if she is half as good a wife as she is a mother, I’m the luckiest man on earth.’

‘Today, is not just about Ellie and I. It’s about us AND our kids becoming one big happy family. And I know that Ellie will be as great a step‐mum as she is a mum.’

By the best man

‘I can reveal a great secret to you today. I know what made Lewis fall in love with Nicki. It wasn’t her gorgeous good looks, her kind nature, or her fantastic pay packet… no, it was the day he caught her having a food fight/singing the hokey‐cokey/ playing football with her son Louis. When someone is that great a mother, you just know they’ll be a wonderful wife.’

‘The groom Ben is NOT the luckiest man in the world today to be marrying Eva. No, that honour goes to his son, David, who from this day forth gets unlimited access to Eva’s home cooking/ gets to play with Eva all day long while Ben is at work/ gets to come home to Eva a good three hours before Ben does!’

‘They say, ‘Never work with children and animals.’ But I guess Jo wasn’t listening… today she becomes the official and much‐loved step‐mum to two children, a dog, a parrot, a gerbil and a goldfish called Britney!’

By the chief bridesmaid

‘Emily confided in me that what first attracted her to Steve was the chocolate brown eyes, thick blonde hair and sense of humour… of his children! It’s hard to say who’s got the better deal today. Steve for landing himself a real catch ‐‐ or the kids for their new step‐mum!’

‘I’ve shared a flat with Wendy and I can tell Alan that his kids are in for a treat. She loves cartoons; chips; making a mess and video games. You’re looking a little pale there, Alan ‐‐ could it be she’s been hiding all this from you?!

‘I know that Isabelle must really love Charlie because only the best has ever been good enough for her kids!’

‘There was only one person with a bigger smile than Helen and Julian today. And that was their daughter, Alex. She obviously thought it was a great idea. And let’s face it, if Alex wanted her to, Helen would marry Bob the Builder/a Teletubbie/ Mr Blobby, such is her devotion to her daughter. Oops, I think I’ve given Alex a bit of an idea there…!’

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