Speech material: She’s daddy’s girl

Wedding speech material for you to adapt, for when the bride is the apple of her father’s eye

By the father of the bride

‘Katie was the kind of child any father would be proud of. She excelled in music, was popular at school, was respectful to her seniors and protective of those younger than her. Darling… (turns to Mother of the Bride) are you sure she’s mine?’


‘When Emma was born, I shed a tear for my beautiful new daughter. On her first day at school, I think I cried more than her. And when she showed me her GCSE results, I was inconsolable.’

‘Sarah was always a tomboy. I think her first words were ‘Manchester United’. As a child, she was never happier than when she was climbing a tree or heading a ball. I can hardly believe that the vision of loveliness before me today is my daughter. Though you’ll never manage a decent goal kick in that frock though, love.’

‘The house has seemed very quiet since Karen left home. You can barely hear anything but the sound of my wallet sighing with relief.’

By the groom

‘Penny is her father’s daughter in so many ways. She’s smart, she’s astute, she’s intelligent, she’s generous, and funnily enough, she’s always right too.’

‘Harry is a Super‐Dad as far as Charlotte is concerned ‐ and he is equally devoted to her. When he walked her up the aisle today, I know that he was bursting with pride but I’m also sure that he must have felt some trepidation at the thought of ‘giving away’ his little girl. So let me take this opportunity to assure my new father‐in‐law that Charlotte is as precious to me as she is to him.’

‘I have to admit that I was a bit nervous about meeting Holly’s father as I knew that he was very protective about his only daughter. But once he’d sent the boys round to my place to straighten out a few things, we got on just fine. Er, didn’t we, Mr Ross sir?’

By the best man

‘All of us who know Mr Stephens will be aware that he is a formidable character as well as a devoted father. He and Miranda are very close and not surprisingly, given his strength, his generosity and his wisdom, she’s always looked up to her dad. It would take quite a man to live up to him, but in Hal, Miranda has found that man.’

‘When I knew I was going to be best man, Helena’s Dad gave me a piece of advice to pass on to the groom. He told me that, however bad the situation, there are some magic words Sean can say to Helena that are guaranteed to make everything alright again. So here they are Sean, repeat after me: ‘Can I make you some fish finger sarnies, love?”

‘Tom has told me that, when the time comes, he hopes he can be as good a father as his new father‐in‐law.’

By the chief bridesmaid

‘When we were growing up, Mr Robinson was always everyone’s favourite dad. We all looked up to him, especially Hannah. I want to take this opportunity, Mr Robinson, to say ‘thank you’ for your hospitality. Hannah is a wonderful girl. She’s a good friend, a fine colleague and she’s going to be a great wife. I’m sure she’d agree that all these things are a credit to you.’

‘Sarah’s dad is truly a man of many talents. In fact, during the time I’ve known him, he’s been Sarah’s chauffeur, banker, agony aunt, secretary and occasionally, personal shopper. I’m sure that now Sarah and John are married he’s looking forward to a peaceful retirement.’

‘Georgia and her dad have always been close, and Max has been a tower of strength in the run‐up to the wedding. Never has a man had to have so many conversations about flowers, veils, shoes, dresses and canapes. And all this without falling asleep once.’

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