Speech material: She’s expecting!

Wedding speech material for you to adapt, for when the bride is pregnant and blooming

By the father of the bride

‘As you must all know by now, Joanna is expecting. And did anyone ever see a more beautiful, blooming bride walk up the aisle? I speak for all my family when I say how proud we are of her.’


‘When Sarah told us she was getting married to Tony, my wife and I couldn’t have been more delighted. We rushed out to buy champagne and celebrate. A month later they were back for Sunday lunch saying they had something serious to tell us. We held our breath for a minute, I can tell you. Was the wedding off, we wondered? What on earth did they want to tell us? Well, Ladies and Gentleman, I can now tell you. Sarah is expecting our first grandchild and we couldn’t be happier for them. So please be upstanding and drink a toast to Sarah, Tony and the bump!’

By the groom

‘Ladies and Gents, those of you who know me will not be surprised to learn that when Caroline told me we were expecting a baby, my reaction wasn’t quite textbook stuff. Champagne, flowers and kisses, I believe, are standard. I, on the other hand, just stood there open‐mouthed, wondering how on earth it had happened! But as the truth sunk in, we realised that we that we could not have been happier. So please join us in a toast to our imminent arrival…’

‘For years, Ladies and Gentleman, friends and family have told me that it really was time for me to settle down. And for years, I have completely ignored them. But being with Karen has made me stop and think about my priorities in life. I know now that I want my life to be centred around her and our family. And, yes, it’s already started ‐‐ we’re expecting our first child next April…’

By the bride

‘When Anthony and I decided to get married, it was because we realised that the time had come to cement our relationship and start work on making a family together. When he proposed and I accepted, ‘overjoyed’ is not an adequate description of how we both felt. So much so, in fact, that our celebrations have resulted in our plans have been bought forward quite substantially. So everyone please mark April 26 in your diaries now, as that is the date that we are expecting our first baby! ‘

By the best man

‘Biology was never Giles’ best subject when we were at school. So when he and Juliet told me they were expecting, it came as something of a surprise that Giles had finally worked out what to do. Several orange juices later (yes, they’ve given up alcohol together!), the mystery was solved ‐‐ it turns out Juliet took ‘A’ level biology.’

By the chief bridesmaid

‘When Jane and I were little kids, she told me she was going to ‘marry a dog’. Now Charlie may have big, brown soppy eyes, but he’s no labrador. She’s been more successful with her other ambition. Jane was most insistent that she wanted lots of kids when she ‘grew up’. So I’m delighted to hear she and Charlie are expecting their first, no doubt the first of many. Congratulations to both of you.’

‘On my first day at school, my mum dropped me at the door and told me I had to be brave and not to cry ‐‐ I lasted about a minute before the tears started. Then suddenly, an arm was put around me and someone started telling me it would be all right. Sophie had arrived in my life. Frankly, she’s been mothering me ever since! But as we all know, Sophie will soon have someone else to mother. I’m sure she’ll make the very best mum in the world. As for me… well I am 32, so I guess I’ll have to cope on my own now!’

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