Speech material: She’s one in a million

Wedding speech material for you to adapt, for when the bride is one of those truly exceptional individuals

By the father of the bride

‘My little girl is one in a million. She’s beautiful, like a never‐ending summer’s day. She’s got the patience of a saint. She’s intelligent, funny and has an amazing grasp of current affairs and politics. She can cook like Nigella Lawson, play golf like Nick Faldo and dance like Darcy Bussell.’


‘Rob, I can say with my hand on my heart that you’re one of the luckiest men alive. (aside to groom) And she writes a cracking Father‐of‐the‐Bride speech as well…’

‘Anyone who knows my daughter ‐‐ and I assume that’s all of you here, unless you’re gate‐crashing (in which case, pay attention) ‐‐ knows that she is quite simply, one in a million. Which by my reckoning means there’s only another 20 or so like her in the country. So, any single lads out there, I’d get your skates on, get out there and try and track one down for yourself!’

‘I think you’ll all agree that Lisa ‐‐ my little girl ‐‐ is one in a million. She certainly is to my wife and me, and I know Tim thinks so too. She’s always been a daughter to be proud of ‐ but, more than that, she’s a great inspiration to everyone around her. My wife Helen and I are both immensely proud of her.’

By the groom

‘A friend of mine asked me about Lisa the other day and I tried to explain to him all the qualities I love about her: her intelligence, her humour, her beauty; her sense of fun, her loyalty. ‘She must be one in a million,’ he said. I thought about it for a moment and then replied, ‘Not one in a million, mate. She’s just The One…”

‘I thank my lucky stars that I found Patricia. In fact, I think of myself as one of the luckiest men who ever lived. I just wish some of that luck would rub off when I’m picking my lottery tickets. Although, if the truth were known, I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot already. There’s no bonus ball I’m afraid, though, darling…’

‘I was trying to rank myself in terms of the luckiest men that ever lived the other day. I thought of the man who won the lottery on successive weekends. I considered Bobby Moore ‐‐ playing for the Hammers AND skippering a World Cup‐winning team. Or Kylie’s personal trainer. But then I realised that I must be the luckiest man EVER. Why? Because Lisa is one in a million…’

By the best man

‘David, as your best man I have to congratulate you on managing to land a complete stunner like Nicole. She’s absolutely beautiful, she’s funny, she’s intelligent and if she can cope with your unhealthy obsession with Torquay United, she really must be one in a million.’

‘Ever since Jack and I met at primary school and he fell in love with one of the dinner ladies, I’ve wondered what type of woman he’d end up with. So I was bowled over when he met the gorgeous girl he married today. She really is one in a million and I’m delighted for them both. I’ve just got one question ‐‐ Jack ‐‐ how did you manage it?’

‘Roy has proved himself to be a real, true friend over the years ‐‐ in that respect, he’s a man in a million. And he’s met his match in Kerry, because anyone can see that she’s a woman in a million too. Congratulations to you both.’

By the chief bridesmaid

‘Today I’ve been doing my duty as a chief bridesmaid ‐ and it’s been great fun. But for years, Laura has been doing her duty as best friend. She’s comforted me when I’ve been sobbing my eyes out over various losers, she’s congratulated me when I’ve been promoted. We’ve shopped till we’ve dropped together, shared tonnes of chocolate and what must have been hundreds of bottles of wine. In all that time, Laura has been unfailingly kind, funny, generous and altogether one in a million. Tom, I’m sure you know it already, but let me say it again. You are a very, very lucky man.’

‘I’ve known Karen for many years, and she’s a wonderful girl. In fact, people sometimes say that she’s one in a million ‐‐ well, I suppose her ability to introduce shopping into almost every situation is pretty unusual, not to mention her habit of paying for everything with her credit card ‐ including bus fares.’

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