To the mums and dads

Wedding speech material for you to adapt, for when you want to thank your parents

By the groom

‘I owe a big thank you to my own mum and dad for helping me out in so many ways to make this day so special, and in return I can assure you only the finest nursing home awaits you! And to my new set of parents, what can I say? You have raised Clare to be the most kind‐hearted, loving and considerate woman a man could ever hope to meet, and for this I’m truly grateful. I’d also like to show my appreciation for allowing me to marry your daughter, and to express my special thanks for that steamy night in the back of Geoff’s Ford Cortina 27 years ago, that brought your daughter into this world and made this whole wedding possible!’


By the bride

‘And so, mum, dad, the time has finally come for me to fly the nest. Obviously I can see you’re heartbroken ‐ even though the minute after Aaron and myself told you about our engagement, you were already making plans to convert “my” bedroom into a sauna. And because I know that deep down you are so anxious for me not to leave, you’ll be pleased to hear that we have decided to postpone moving for a few months until we find that perfect home… Only kidding! But looking at the shade of white you’ve just turned, I think we’ve found the perfect wall colour for our new flat!!’

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