Toast material for a bridesmaid

Wedding toast material for you to adapt, if you’re a bridesmaid scheduled to say a few words…

Bridesmaids don’t traditionally toast, so who you toast is up to you. How about toasting the best man back, or the bride? Then again, you can’t have too many toasts to the happy couple:


Best wishes

‘It’s not often that the words ‘best’ and ‘man’ find their way into one of my sentences but I think I’ll make an exception today! I think we all agree that Jeremy has been an absolute star today ‐ really charming and helpful ‐ and so the bride and groom have asked me to thank him on their behalf, in the hope that he’ll remember this when he makes his speech! So please would you stand and toast Jeremy ‐ the best man!’

Best of luck

‘I’d like to propose a toast to the happy couple. I honestly can’t think of anyone more suited than Louise and Andrew and I’d like to take this chance to wish them many happy days ahead. I’d also like to point out to Louise that this is the fourth time I’ve been bridesmaid, so when you do throw that bouquet ‐ throw it my way! Please raise your glasses to the happy couple.’

Firm friends

‘There is no greater honour for any girl than to be asked to be her friend’s bridesmaid and I want you to know, Angela, that as I was proud to be walking down the aisle behind you today, I will always be behind you and Duncan, ready to support you in whatever way I can. However, I’m hoping that won’t ever mean arranging Duncan’s skirt for him! So can I ask you now to toast with me my beautiful best friend Angela and her lovely new husband Duncan ‐ to Angela and Duncan!’

Big sister

‘I suppose, as an older sister, I’ve always been a bit protective of Nicola ‐ especially where boyfriends were concerned. In fact, I think I scared quite a few of them off. But in Pete, Nicky has met a man she can completely trust. Please raise your glasses to the happy couple, ladies and gentlemen.’

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