Toast material for the bride

Wedding toast material for you to adapt if you’re a bride who’d like to say a few words

Traditionally the bride did not make a speech, so there is no formal toast for her to make. This means she can choose to toast whoever she likes. Popular choices are her parents/groom’s parents and family, her bridesmaids/helpers, absent friends, particularly if one is a parent, or close relative, and/or her new husband!


Poetry in motion

‘As I was searching for something to express what I want say to Rob today, I came across a poem by another Rob, the poet Robert Browning, who wrote: “Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be.” I want to thank Rob for agreeing to grow old with me and say that, after such a brilliant day, that if the best is yet to come, I can’t wait! So please fill up your glasses and toast my new husband ‐ to Robert!’

Mum’s the word

‘There is an old Chinese saying that to find a good wife, you must look for the daughter of a great mother. After what she and Dad have organised for me today, I think we’ll all agree, this is one truly great mother. And Ed and I would like to ask you make a special toast to thank her. To Mum!’

Hard labour

‘Many of you might have expected my sister, Claire, to be my chief bridesmaid and indeed, that was the original plan. Only, unfortunately, she can’t be here today as she’s virtually in labour ‐ now what kind of feeble excuse is that? Ladies and gentlemen, please raise your glasses to Claire, the best sister anyone could have.’

Thanks, maids

‘I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my lovely bridesmaids for doing my make‐up, doing my hair, arranging my bouquet, helping me with my frock and, most importantly, putting up with a complete maniac for the last six months. I promise you, I’ll leave you in peace now girls. Let’s drink to them, ladies and gentlemen: The bridesmaids!’

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