Toast material to include children

Wedding toast material for you to adapt, if you’re looking for ways of including kids in the day’s main events

The wedding is bound to be a big occasion in the lives of any children of the bride and/or groom, whether it’s cementing their parents’ existing relationship or marking the formation of a new family. Make the children feel part of things by offering a toast to them in your speech.


Toasts to children (of this relationship)

Lovely bridesmaid

‘Of course, this is a very special day for Sam and Georgia, but it’s not quite the happiest day of their lives. That day was when their lovely daughter, Heather, was born and now she’s taking part in her parents’ big day by being their beautiful bridesmaid. Let’s drink a toast to her.’

Baby boom

‘Max isn’t the only man in Laura’s life. There’s also their baby son Louis, for whom they’re the not just the bride and groom, they’re the best mum and dad in the world. Will you all join me in raising your glasses to Louis and may the whole family have many happy days ahead. To Louis and all the family.

Toasts to children (of a previous relationship)

Father figure

‘Sarah hasn’t just gained a husband in Tom, Leo has gained a step‐dad. Luckily for both of them, Tom shares Leo’s love of Curly‐Wurlys and computer games, as well as his interest in cars, Star Wars films and, more puzzlingly, the fortunes of Manchester City. Here’s to many hours of shivering in the stalls together, Tom and Leo.’

Mothering matters

‘Harry didn’t only fall in love with Helen because she’s such good fun. He could also see what a great mum she is by the way she has brought up her daughter Alice and son Joe. They are fantastic kids and a real credit to her, so it’s not surprising that Harry couldn’t stop himself from falling in love with them too. Now they’re all together as one family and we wish them lots of love‐and laugh‐filled days to come. So please raise your glasses and drink a toast to Helen and Harry ‐ and Alice and Joe.’

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