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Unusual Video Wedding Speeches

Leave your guests speechless with these creative ideas for unusual wedding speeches and turn your wedding reception from predictable to truly legendary.


1. The song

Tom Fletcher (above), the lead singer of boy band, McFly did it, complete with a backing choir of school children, and if you can sing karaoke, then you can do it too.

With a few well-chosen lines, a microphone and a good dash of courage you could stand up in front of all your friends and family and serenade your bride, or embarrass the groom, with a song instead of the usual formal spoken speech.

Play it up for laughs if you’re no Frank Sinatra or bring the house down with something as witty and entertaining as this best man’s wedding speech or this amazing bridesmaid’s rap:

2. The short film

Whether you’re worried your nerves will ruin the day, or you find it hard to say what you really feel, pre-record your speech and then introduce it live, or better still make your speech into a short film. This way you’ll be able to make sure it goes exactly as planned and you could introduce yourself, which could be a source of comedy in itself.

This best man’s speech was a hilarious action adventure film that begins with his apology at the reception explaining that he has left his speech at home. The film then shows him canoeing and horse-riding to get it back!

This bride’s wedding speech shows just how special you can make it even if expressing your emotion doesn’t usually come easy to you, while this groom’s speech is so creative he even got 60 friends and family involved:

3. The Skype speech

If your first choice of best man can’t be there for the wedding day then consider having two best men – one to be there at the groom’s side all day and organise the stag do and the other to give the speech – via Skype. The other best man can introduce him, and with the wonders of modern technology you can have a live speech broadcast over the internet in real time. The best man who is present should probably have a back-up speech ready though – just in case!

4. Say it with Poetry

If you have ever written verse, rhyming couplets or otherwise, then a piece of poetry could be just the edge your speech needs to make it different, clever, touching and memorable. And if you haven’t ever written your own poetry but love a good rhyme then find a professional wedding poet to put to pen to paper for you and simply deliver their words of brilliance for great applause.

If you love these ideas but these speeches seem just a little too creative for your capabilities, or you really don’t have the time to put one together then consider enlisting the expert help of a professional speech writer and look forward to an entertaining wedding reception that your guests will be talking about for years to come.

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