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Unusual Wedding Speeches

When it comes to making a speech, you could follow convention: tell some anecdotes and throw in a few crowd pleasing one-liners, or really push the boat out and deliver something different, entertaining, or even inspiring. Here are some ideas for unusual wedding speeches to make it memorable for all the right reasons.

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Tom Fletcher’s wedding speech image courtesy of Pinterest

Song or Rap

Tom Fletcher, the lead singer of boy band McFly, made news headlines in 2013 with the YouTube hit of his original 15 minute groom’s song speech with comical and heart-felt lyrics, accompanied by a guitarist, video screen and  a whole choir of school children!


He inspired others to do the same, like the bridesmaids who joined forces to sing alongside a slide show of old photos of the happy couple in this cute 9 minute song speech.

Unusual wedding speech image courtesy of Pinterest
Tom Fletcher’s wedding speech captions image courtesy of Pinterest

And the chief bridesmaid who performed her own 5 minute rap Eminem style, dressed in a hoodie, complete with captions for guests to follow. Another bride came up with a very entertaining way of having her say in song with the help of a singer in this funny 10 minute song.

If you’re not the kind of person who is comfortable with showing their affection publicly, you could shock everyone with a very public display like the shy and retiring bride did in this hilarious 4 minute film complete with local radio dedication.

Flash Mob Dance

For anyone who really wants to bring the house down, get all your bridal party to put on a dance show. It takes a bit of practice but the results can be a lot of fun, like this energetic 3 minute bridesmaid flash mob dance to music.

Break with Tradition

Mix up the conventional order of wedding speeches and  include a bride’s speech and a chief bridesmaid’s speech, or share the speeches as a duet like a comedy double act. If your children are old enough and want to get in on the act then they can.

Bride's speech courtesy Pinterest |
Bride’s speech courtesy Pinterest

Spoof Documentary

Get your friends together and make a spoof video documentary featuring their thoughts and feelings about the bride and groom. A couple can dress up as the happy couple and re-enact their first meeting in a comical style.

Using Props

You could use props such as speech cards to prompt your audience to applaud, or a series of funny hats under the table which you put on as you run through the groom’s life story, starting with a baby bonnet, a school cap, mortar board, fireman’s helmet, baseball cap, deerstalker. The more ridiculous the hats, the better.

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Speech props image courtesy of Pinterest

And if none of the above seems quite right for your wedding then consider simply including some thought-provoking poetry, a film show projected onto the wall or a live online video stream from friends or relatives abroad who can’t be there to share the day.

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