What to Include in Chief Bridesmaid Wedding Speech

Chief Bridesmaid wedding speech

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The bridesmaid’s have their say

Although official wedding speeches are traditionally made by the men in the wedding party, increasingly bridesmaids like to say a few words, too. If you decide this is right for you, then remember to keep it simple and have fun.

Some chief bridesmaids approach their wedding speech in a similar way to the best man. In other words, they see it as an opportunity not only to praise the groom on his choice of bride and to toast their future together, but also to tell a few tales about the bride and hint at the uproar of the hen night.


As chief bridesmaid or maid/matron of honour, you may wish, or be called upon, to make a speech at the reception. Or, if the bride is having a dinner for her hen night, or you are throwing her a bridal shower in the American tradition, you will probably be expected to make your speech then. If the couple have a dinner after their wedding rehearsal, it is also traditional for you to make a toast.

If you are speaking on behalf of someone who is absent or has elected not to speak, you should follow the traditional structure of their speech, as this ensures all the right people get thanked in the right order. But if you are speaking as the chief bridesmaid, you have fewer compulsory elements to include, and the greater part of your wedding speech can be about the bride, your relationship with her, and her relationship with the groom.

Whichever way you structure your wedding speech, with your ideas and all this great material to help you, you’ll be fabulous.

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