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What To Include In The Best Man Speech

Here’s what to include in the best man speech, from choosing the right material to setting the tone, what you should say and perhaps more importantly what you shouldn’t say!

Best Man's Speech |


As best man you’ll be expected to make a witty, meaningful and moving speech at the wedding. If that sounds like a tall order, worry not because we have all the information you need to create a best man speech that is truly legendary.

Keep it Upbeat

The best man’s speech is meant to be entertaining and ultimately positive. It doesn’t have to be lengthy or clever just as long as it’s generally upbeat in both content and delivery.

The Groom

Your speech can be about teasing the groom, but mix the mockery with some sincerity. Talk about how highly you think of him, what a good friend he is and how his relationship with the bride has made him happy.

The Happy Couple

Do tell the guests about how their first meeting generated enough electricity to power the National Grid. Talk about how compatible they are and how great they both look today. Don’t mention how soon they slept together, or about how she left him for someone else or anything like that. Arguments, estrangements and threats to call off the wedding are all off limits. If in any doubt, leave it out.

Stag Do Anecdotes

Do talk about the stag do and include any particularly hilarious anecdotes from the day. Don’t reveal graphic or offensive stories about the groom, he won’t thank you for it and neither will his new bride.

Family Anecdotes

Complimenting the bride and groom’s families can be part of your speech but make sure you stick to compliments and avoid comments about divorced or warring parents. If you grew up with the groom and have known him for many more years than the bride, it can be interesting for everyone to hear stories of your childhood together.

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And finally, it’s a good idea to consider What to Avoid in the Best Man’s Speech to give you that peace of mind that you’re on the right track to writing and delivering a best man speech that goes down in history – for all the right reasons!

For more advice on what toasts to make, how to get your delivery right and what props to use, please visit Speeches and Toasts and for further help with what to include in the best man’s speech, try the Best Man’s Speech Creator.

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