Father Of The Bride Giving His Speech

Witty Father-of-the-Bride Speech

Don’t stress over creating a witty father-of-the-bride wedding speech… just copy our template!

Father Of The Bride Giving His Speech


Image from Emma & Jon’s real wedding

As father-of-the-bride, you have an important role at the wedding of your daughter, particularly if you are going to walk her up the aisle and giver her away, let alone make a sparkling, witty speech at the reception!

We thought you might like some help with a quick-fire way to make your wedding speech writing easier and all you need to do is just copy this witty speech (inserting the right names, year and details where necessary!)

A witty father-of-the-bride wedding speech for you to copy:

“Let me just start by saying that I’m delighted to see so many of you here today. There’s lots of people I recognise, a few of them looking far more grown up and elegant than usual. I’m talking mainly of course about my children here who I thought only ever looked like they had just got out of bed.’

‘Well I’m going to keep this brief, because [looking at glass] Claire has made me pay for this, and while I’m up here and you’re down there, I can’t be doing my fair share of drinking! However, Claire has assured me she won’t be downing too much of the pricey stuff today, which I have to say was a relief, to both myself and my bank manager.’

‘This isn’t of course the first time my bank manager and I have spoken about keeping Claire in the manner to which she’d like to become accustomed. Naturally she always got her own way, rather like today, because she is absolutely irresistible! I’m delighted, too, that Stephen has found her equally irresistible and I am thrilled to welcome him to the family.’

‘I know other people want to say a few words, so Claire, Stephen, can I just say that you are two wonderful people and I hope that you have a wonderful life together. Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in a toast… to the bride and groom!’

Our father of the bride speech creator tools allows you to build your very own witty speech.

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