Worries beforehand

Wedding speech material for you to adapt, for when worrying about the stag do kept you up at night

By the groom

‘I must admit, I was a little bit nervous about what the lads, especially Dave my best man, might have in store for me for the stag night. I’d heard stories about guys being tied to lamp posts naked or being forced to eat whipped cream off the bare chest of a young, nubile stripper. Thankfully none of that happened on our weekend away to Bognor.


‘In fact, it was two days of non‐stop laughs…A real chance to spend quality time with some of my mates whom I haven’t seen enough of recently. I’ll never forget you guys. Especially as you insisted I had all of your names tattooed onto my bum.

‘Don’t worry, sweetheart, I can have them lasered off…’

By the best man

‘I must say that I was a little surprised – almost disappointed – that Rob was so nervous and worried about the stag weekend. In fact, he was still nervous and worried as we got on the train to Margate on the Friday night. Mysteriously, though, after only a couple of hours all of his nerves seemed to have disappeared, as had a dozen cans of strong continental lager.

‘And by the time we reached Saucy Su’s, it was Rob who was telling me to stop worrying. Don’t worry about the money, he said. Don’t worry about explaining this to Anna, he said. In fact, stop bloody worrying was all he could say!’

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