This time it’s personal

Personalised stationery is becoming hugely popular, and is a great way of putting your own stamp on your wedding.

The range of personalised stationery available is vast, and you’re sure to find a style that suits your wedding perfectly. You can also add your own special touch by writing names on envelopes in coloured or silver ink and sprinkling a little metallic confetti inside.


Benefits of personalised stationery

  • you don’t have to make your own ‐‐ it’s easy to order and all the work is done for you
  • you’ll be able to choose your favourite design and font, creating a personal style
  • you can mix and match ‐‐ you could have personalised invitations, for example, but create your own place cards
  • a broad selection of designs is on offer, enabling you to choose something that suits your wedding perfectly
  • you can incorporate photography in the design.

Custom‐made stationery

You might like to commission a stationery designer to make your own personalised stationery, but remember that it will almost certainly take longer to deliver than pre‐printed items. To give yourself plenty of time, book in your first consultation with a designer about four or five months before your wedding.

Prices will, of course, be higher than for mass produced stationery, but by how much depends on the amount of work involved, the quality of the paper used and the number of items ordered. Make sure you negotiate a price and fix a deadline at the very beginning to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Bear in mind that invitations need to be sent out at least eight weeks before the big day.

Buy personalised with Confetti

  • Confetti personalised ranges offer over 30 exclusive designs using high quality materials, with coloured and raised inks and handmade, colour‐lined envelopes
  • You have the option of personalising everything, from invitations to place cards
  • You can choose your own typeface and even your language
  • Minimum order is 20
  • Samples are available so you can look at designs before ordering, and you will receive a proof before printing
  • Personalised stationery is a little more expensive than creating your own, but all you have to do is place your order and wait for it to arrive

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