Vintage pink and brown parcel wedding stationery with ribbon and twine |

DIY Wedding Friday: Laura and Daniel’s Vintage Wedding Stationery

Confetti’s 2014 Win a Wedding competition worth £40,000 was won by Laura and Daniel. We provided the wedding stationery from our vast shop selection, and Laura and Daniel decided on the Vintage Affair wedding stationery DIY collection. Therefore, here in the Confetti office we’ve come together to give three ways that this wedding stationery can be personalised.

Brown vintage retro wedding stationery |
Retro vintage red, brown and black wedding stationery collection.

Above: Vintage Affair – RSVP Cards – 10 Pack | Vintage Affair – Save the Date Cards – 10 Pack | Vintage Affair – Wedding Invitations – 10 Pack | Vintage Affair – Wedding Evening Invites – 10 Pack

Using Confetti’s Vintage Affair wedding stationery collection from our DIY Wedding Invitations range , three of our staff were asked to take one of each of the items and decorate and present it as we saw fit. The results couldn’t have been more different!

Technique 1 – Glitter Pens

Colourful glitter pens and ribbon DIY vintage wedding stationery |
Vintage DIY wedding stationery decorated with colourful glitter pens.

What You’ll Need:

Sahdia, our Real Weddings and wedding inspiration specialist, opted for all that glitters with some pretty glitter pens in colours of red, purple, green, gold, and silver. She carefully traced the lines of her stationery to add life and colour to the borders. Then the love hearts were set a-sparkling too when Sahdia applied a light coat of red glitter.

DIY wedding stationery with glitter and chiffon ribbon |
Vintage DIY wedding stationery, with borders traced in bright glitter, tied with a gold chiffon ribbon and with the envelope inserted behind.

As a finishing touch, Sahdia then punched a hole in the top left-hand corner of her stationery and tied them all together with shimmering gold chiffon ribbon.

Technique 2 – Lace, Layers, and Twine

Layered brown vintage DIY wedding stationery with lace, twine, and tag |
Pink lace and twine with vintage tag on brown vintage DIY wedding stationery.

What You’ll Need:

Anyonita, Confetti’s Content Editor, went for a stunning vintage look with pale pink lace ribbon glued along the left edge of the stationery items. Then she layered all of her vintage wedding stationery items together, lightly sticking them to the layer below with double-sided tape, and wrapped them all with doubled-up brown twine. As a finishing touch, she added a cute little tag!

Vintage pink and brown parcel wedding stationery with ribbon and twine |
Layered pink and brown vintage wedding stationery wrapped in brown twine with added tag.

Technique 3 – Buttons and Paint

Vintage red and brown buttons, lace, and ribbon wedding stationery |
Vintage brown wedding stationery with buttons, ribbon, lace and red paint.

What You’ll Need:

Finally, I wanted to make my vintage wedding stationery a little bit more 3D. I glued Confetti’s Natural Wooden Buttons (as well as decorative ones from a nearby craft store) into the corners of the stationery items and even on the envelopes. Then I filled in the thin stationery borders with red watercolour paint and added pieces of lace and ribbon to the envelopes. The final results remind me of vintage carnival tickets.

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