Wedding Stationery

Wedding Stationery in a Nutshell

You might have invitations on your to-do list, but have you thought about the other wedding stationery you’ll also need? Not sure you’ll need it? Think again…

Wedding Stationery


Aside from the all-important invitations there are other stationery items that do need to be considered, and not just for the sake of etiquette. Choosing professionally printed stationery or making your own is your choice and will depend on your budget and your time and creativity. Ensuring that your wedding stationery is coordinated is so easy these days as you can now buy whole sets of matching invitations and wedding stationery to give a stylish look to your wedding.

So here, in a nutshell, as they say, is the list of wedding stationery and its purpose briefly explained:

Order of service

The order of service will tell your guests what to sing or say and when to sit or stand during your ceremony. It’s also an inexpensive keepsake of the day in which you can detail the music played and the readings read as well as crediting who read them.

Save the date cards

These are not essential if you are marrying within the year, but useful if you are having a longer engagement and would like close family and friends to save the date for your special day. They will help to ensure that your favourite aunty doesn’t book her summer holiday the week of your wedding.


These pretty little invitation cards are sent to let your guests know the exact details of your wedding, from the time, date and venue of the ceremony to the dress code and end time of the reception. Don’t forget to add an RSVP date and address to the bottom, preferably with a reply card to make your guests reply on time.

Reply cards

These are sent with your invitations to encourage guests to RSVP by a certain date. Adding stamps to these should ensure you get them all back in time.

Information sheet

This is also sent with the invitations and should list any further information on local transport and accommodation. You may also wish to include details of any dress code, dietary requirements or gift lists here.

Menus, place cards and table planner

These all help your guests to know where they should sit and what they will be eating during the reception. The place cards can be traditional white folded cards with each guest’s name written on or coloured cards held in a delicate holder or even ornate laser-cut butterflies that perch prettily on each glass. Ideally your menus, place cards and table plannerwill all match to give a stylish overal effect to your reception.

Guest book

The guest book records each guest’s wishes for you on your wedding day and makes a lovely keepsake for you both after the wedding. Guest book alternatives include the signing frameand wishing tree labels.

Thank you cards

These are sent out after you have returned from your honeymoon, thanking guest for your wedding gifts.

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