Will You Be My Bridesmaid? The Best Be My Bridesmaid Cards for Your Girls

How to choose your bridesmaids is something most brides put a lot of thought into; from how many bridesmaids to have, to who to ask, there’s a lot to think about.

Whether you’ve always known who you want to walk down the aisle with, or you’ve spent weeks whittling down the list of your besties, the most fun bit is just around the corner.


Asking someone to be your bridesmaid is one of the most important friendship milestones many of us will go through, and while there are lots of fun ways to ask “will you be my bridesmaid?” one of the most simple and touching ways is with a card -plus it won’t use up too much of your wedding budget!

Your friends will treasure the card for years to come, with it becoming a keepsake of the special day, and it’s a great way to let her know how much she means to you, without having to say it out loud – ideal for the shy brides-to-be out there who aren’t keen on voicing their feelings out loud.

Whether you want to write a long heartfelt message, or would prefer to let the card do the talking, check out our round up of the best be my bridesmaid cards to pop the questions to the leading ladies of your life.


This pink and gold water colour style card is the perfect classy way to ask that all important question – it’s an especially gorgeous choice if you’ve got a pink colour scheme planned for your big day.


Reflect the vibe of your wedding with your bridesmaid proposal card; this bold card with flower illustrations is a lovely way to brighten your bridesmaids’ day – plus it can be personalised to make it extra special.


If you and your friends don’t have a particularly serious relationship, this funny will you be my bridesmaid card is the perfect choice – everyone knows going to the toilet in your wedding dress is tricky, after all!


If you want to give a little more then a card, this card complete with a cute bracelet is a lovely way to propose to your bridesmaids. They’ll treasure the bracelet forever and could even wear it on the big day as a cute reminder of the day you popped the question. It comes in a variety of different colours, which is ideal if your bridal party are wearing mismatched bridesmaid dresses.


We don’t know about you, but we love a scratch card -something about the suspense of not knowing what’s written underneath the foil. This is the perfect card to send in the post – we bet she’ll be calling you IMMEDIATELY after scratching it off.


If you’re having a vintage style wedding, these art-deco inspired bridesmaid cards by Paperchase are the perfect choice; we love the classy gold trim and get total Great Gatsby vibes from them.


This funny bridesmaid card is ideal for sending to your absolute number one best friend, who would never have been in any doubt she’d be part of your bride tribe.


This cool bridesmaid proposal card is ideal for millenial couples holding botanical or woodland weddings. It’s minimalist and chic and perfect for trendy couples.


Another card that’s perfect for your friends who knew from the moment you got engaged that they’d be a bridesmaid – she still deserves a proposal, though!


Choose a personalised bridesmaid card to make your proposal extra personal  -your friends will love loling at this card covered in private jokes.


Keep your bridesmaid proposal simple with this chic black and white line drawing card – who could say no to a card this lovely?


Let your best friend know you can’t be a bride without them by your side with this cute tie-dye style scratch away card.


We love the stylish gold font used on this simple bridesmaid proposal card – ideal if you’re going for a pared back wedding theme in a city venue.

Once your friends have accepted their new roles (and how couldn’t they with such great cards?!), it’s time to start thinking about their outfits and bridesmaid bouquets.

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