2015 wedding dress trend from Pronovias

15 Top Wedding Trends for 2015

Here are the top 15 wedding trends for 2015 that every bride-to-be needs to know! Overall, we’re excited about all the great opportunities this year’s wedding trends afford. From personalising nearly every aspect of your wedding, versatility is key, giving you the chance to inject your personal style into your ceremony and reception.

1. Wedding Dress Trends for 2015

No matter their silhouette, emerging dress trends for 2015 have one thing in common: an enticing and elegant off-the-shoulder neckline. This type of neckline is flattering for brides-to-be who are less busty and helps to extenuate a long neck, giving the bride a long, lean look. Full skirt gowns dramatise the off-the-shoulder neckline and open the decolletage. Get your makeup artist to sweep a dazzle of shimmer across any exposed skin for a natural glow.


Full skirt off the shoulder wedding dress from Pronovias
This Pronovias gown is stunning slouched off the shoulders with its full skirt and figure flattering bodice.

2015 wedding dress trend from Pronovias

Bare shoulders with arms wrapped in delicate lace is one of the year’s trendiest looks. From Pronovias.

2. Wedding Shoe Trends for 2015

That repeat theme of variety in wedding trends is back in the shoe department. Gone are the days where brides-to-be felt destined to teeter in four-inch stillettos. Hot on the shoe agenda is a range of heel types from the block heels made popular on court shoes to petite kitten heels and flat pumps with pointy toes. Wedding shoes are getting a whole lot more relaxed and a lot more comfy in 2015.

3. Wedding Hair Trends for 2015

Taming your tresses with a soft plait is one of the wedding hairstyles of choice for brides-to-be in 2015. We’re not talking a head full of tiny braids; instead, a soft, slightly messy, loose plait has regained popularity. It’s a fitting style for brides adhering to the ultra-trendy Bohemian theme. If your day is characterised by rustic hessian, big blooms and hues of dusty pink and taupe, a soft plait would complete the look nicely.

4. Wedding Makeup Trends for 2015

Brides-to-be are going au naturale this year, opting for more understated makeovers. No matter the trend, the bridal makeup is meant to enhance your natural beauty, not overshadow or dominate it. When you walk down the aisle to meet your partner, you should be recognisable, not hidden away under layers of harsh makeup.

Au naturale bridal makeup trends for 2015 from Confetti.co.uk

Keeping your makeup au naturale is en vogue in 2015. From left, the work of Rochelle O’Brien and Pam Wrigley.

5. Wedding Cake Trends for 2015

Towering white cakes with every layer identical to the one above it are out and tiers with interesting textures are in. Wedding cake flavours are getting more interesting, too. Standard chocolate or vanilla sponge is making way for fruit infusions and more radical flavour combinations. Also on the rise are cakes for people with food allergies: vegan and gluten free wedding cakes are especially of interest.

2015 wedding cake trends from Confetti.co.uk

Let them eat trendy cake in 2015! From left, cake creations from high street cake makers M&S and boutique cake shop Sweet Hollywood.

6. Wedding Food Trends for 2015

This isn’t your nan’s wedding breakfast! When it comes to wedding food, industry caterers are reporting a surge in food banquets and food installations. Suspended bars and Henry VIII style spreads are on the rise. Variety and choice and making sure your guests have more options than the standard “chicken or fish” is high on the agenda this year.

7. Wedding Invitations Trends for 2015

Folded invitations are hot on the wedding stationery front in 2015. We love the versatility they provide and have a range of invitations that reflect this trend. We especially love these two: our equestrian-inspired invitations, perfect for a woodland or barn themed wedding and our elegant and dainty Parisian-inspired invites for a classic or glamorous wedding.

Equestrian folded wedding invitations from Confetti.co.uk

Parisienne Love Letter wedding invitations from Confetti.co.uk

8. Wedding Bridesmaid Trends for 2015

When it comes to dressing your girls, ensuring they have the ability to inject their own personalities into your big day is high on the bride-to-be’s priority for 2015. Cookie cutter bridesmaid gowns with matching shoes is a thing of the past. The option is yours: buy dresses for your bridesmaids in all the same colour or in all the same style but in various colours or do both. Multiway dresses provide the versatility 2015 bridesmaids are craving.

9. Wedding Groom Trends for 2015

Following suit from bridesmaid trends, the groom and his groomsmen are also flirting with the mix and match trend. Give your groomsmen liberty to choose their own waistcoats and ties from a range of complimentary colours. Also, don’t be afraid to break away from the usual dark suits and materials. Linen suits are on the rise, especially for weddings abroad.

10. Wedding Car Trends for 2015

While there haven’t been any big changes in wedding transportation, the usual trendy vehicles are still top of the list. Vintage luxury cars and top of the line saloon vehicles are still some of the most popular modes of transport for brides. Find wedding transportation in your area with the Confetti.co.uk wedding suppliers listing.

11. Wedding Favour Trends for 2015

Confetti.co.uk is at the forefront of wedding trends and we know what brides-to-be are looking for. We’ve got a range of wedding favours perfect for any style and theme wedding. Some of our favourite picks are:

2015 Wedding Favour Trends: Retro Wedding Favours from Confetti.co.uk

Wedding favours are at their best when they’re a direct reflection of your theme. Out with the dated sachets of candied almonds and cliched magnets and in with favours your guests will swoon over, delight in and want to carry home! Our mini bubblegum machine favours are bang on trend, one of our best sellers and add a fun, whimsical touch to a retro wedding theme.

Classic Wedding Favours from Confetti.co.uk Industrial Chic Wedding Favours from Confetti.co.uk

On the left, these dainty favour boxes made to resemble the most ornate chairs are gorgeous for tucking bonbons or truffles in for the journey home. On the right, hop on board the succulents bandwagon and give your guests a favour they can cultivate and grow. Watering it will remind them of your wedding day!

12. Wedding Song Trends for 2015

In the world of music, there seems to be a return to the oldies but goodies with a modern twist. Cover versions of classic love songs is set to top the bridal charts. Keep your ears out for new renditions of vintage chart toppers. One of our favourite new melodies is Jason Mraz’s cover of Etta James’s classic, ‘At Last’.

13. Wedding Venue Styling Trends for 2015

Hanging decorations and aerial displays are taking the wedding world by storm. We’ve got the perfect decorations for each wedding theme. From battery-operated lights to hot air balloons, anything goes this year so long as it’s suspended from the ceiling, an archway or frame.

14. Wedding Theme Trends for 2015

From sultry, sexy urban-inspired decor to the sweeping trends of the Bohemian look, wedding themes in 2015 are all about the added detail. We’ve got three new wedding themes for you this year: Industrial Chic, Bohemian Luxe and we’ve updated wedding traditions with our Classic White theme. In 2015, your theme can be enhanced by your wedding venue or it can completely transform your venue. We’ll show you how in the next coming months. In the meantime, fall in love with our stunning themes:

Woodland Wedding Theme from Confetti.co.uk
Into the woods we go with this pretty theme, ideal for the eco-conscious happy couple. We love the animal motifs and natural elements the woodland theme evokes.

Shabby Chic Wedding Theme from Confetti.co.uk
Our shabby chic theme is all about the pretty little details. From ruffled edges to painted porcelain and ceramic bottles, this theme is absolutely gorgeous.

Industrial Wedding Theme from Confetti.co.uk
Our industrial theme is for the happy couple with street cred. This theme screams sophisticated urban attitude. We love the harsh metallics softened with over-sized blooms, burlap and bottles straight from a vintage chemist’s shop. Bring the lively vibe of the city to your wedding no matter if your venue is an on-trend converted warehouse or a country manor.

Wanderlust Wedding Theme from Confetti.co.uk

If you’re inspired by traveling, our wanderlust theme is perfect for you! With whimsical pieces that are lighthearted and pretty, this wedding theme captures the imagination of those who love to roam.

15. Wedding Colour Trends for 2015

One thing we love about wedding colour themes, is that it’s the perfect opportunity for injecting your personality into your wedding. Choose your favourite colour or a colour that best suits you or the colour of the year and run with it. No matter what colour you use, from the ultra trendy Marsala, nominated by Pantone to be the colour of 2015 to hues that are more personal to you, we’ve got the perfect products. Here are some of the UK brides most popular wedding colours:

Purple Wedding Theme from Confetti.co.uk
Purple‘s not just for royalty anymore! Splash this decadent colour around your wedding for a luxe look.

Gold Wedding Theme from Confetti.co.uk
All that glitters may not be gold, but it doesn’t have to be that way on your wedding day! Surround yourself with this luxurious hue. Perfect for weddings held at sunset in warmer climates or to add richness and depth to winter weddings.

Ivory Wedding Theme from Confetti.co.uk

A classic for a reason, ivory is the bride’s colour! While it may not be the most figure flattering hue, it shouts sophistication, grace and poise.

 A final thought on 2015 trends

No matter what’s trending, you’ll enjoy your wedding planning and W Day more if you stay true to yourself. Remember to choose things that you and your spouse-to-be love and that reflect who you are. Your wedding day doesn’t have to be about adhering to strict wedding rules. There is only one rule in wedding planning: you decide what goes and doesn’t! Take inspiration from this article and from other 2015 trend pieces but ultimately believe in your personal style and make choices that you like. It is your wedding, after all!

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