The Best Halloween Themed Weddings We’ve Seen |

5 of the Best Halloween Themed Weddings We’ve Seen

October is the month people go crazy over Halloween. While the origins are believed to go as far back as Samhain—a Celtic festival where people would light bonfires and wear masks to ward off spirits—these days it’s widely accepted as an American holiday that’s bled over into other parts of the world. It’s a fun holiday, and it isn’t just the territory of children who want to dress up as pumpkins and vampires and run around asking for candy. Halloween makes a pretty impressive wedding theme. So here are 5 of the best Halloween themed weddings we’ve seen! Trick or treat!

The Best Halloween Themed Weddings We’ve Seen |


1) Colourful Traditional Halloween Wedding

We love Mary and Stefan’s wedding for all the bright colours and traditional Halloween flair—all of those vibrant flowers, and of course those decorative pumpkins. The dash of monochrome black and white in Mary’s dress and across the reception decor is gorgeous too. Who would have thought black and white stripes could go so well!

Colourful Traditional Halloween Wedding |
Images courtesy of Pinterest

2) Fancy Dress Halloween Wedding

Kristen and David’s Halloween wedding looks like a hugely fun day! The couple encouraged guests to dress up, and it doesn’t get any better than killing it on the dance floor to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” during the reception.

Dress Up Halloween Wedding |
Images courtesy of Pinterest

3) Elegant Glamour Halloween Wedding

One of the most beautiful wedding setups we’ve ever seen, we love this glamorous black, white and gold Halloween wedding. It has all the elegance of your usual glamorous wedding with an impressive cake and ornate styling, but it’s filled with cute little Halloween details—golden spider napkin rings, golden skulls, and mini silver pumpkins.

Glamorous Halloween Wedding |
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4) Masked Ball Halloween Wedding

Gemma and Matt’s masked ball Halloween wedding in London is stunning in everything from the grand setting to the beautiful masks. Gemma’s magnificent red dress and Matt’s cobalt blue suit may at first sound at-odds with a Halloween wedding, but just look at how great they look!

Masked Ball Wedding |
Images courtesy of Pinterest

5) Dark Autumn Halloween Wedding

Black, gold, and deep plum purple—we adore the rich colours of Amy and Torry’s Halloween wedding, and the backdrop of the autumn leaves in the photos makes it even more beautiful. The little touches of the brooches in the bouquet and the red lily boutonniere are particularly lovely!

Dark Autumn Halloween Wedding |
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