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5 Wedding Favours to Fit Any Theme

It’s traditional for the couple to give wedding favours to their guests during, or at the end of, the big day. Usually these wedding favours will fit into your theme or colour scheme in order to link everything together too, and that’s where people sometimes run into trouble. So, be inspired by our pick of 5 wedding favours to fit any theme.

5 Wedding Favours to Fit Any Theme | Confetti.co.uk
Above: Mini Mail Box Tin with Blue Ribbon and L’amour Peony Garden Post Note Card

1) Drinks, Sweets and Snacks

Drinks, sweets and snacks are perhaps the broadest wedding favour, and they’re therefore one of the easiest to twist to your theme. Pick any wedding favour container—jars, glasses, and bottles for drinks; bags, boxes and dishes for snacks and sweets—and decorate it as you will with ribbon, twine, charms, and tags to create your perfect look. Also consider the type of drink or snack you’ll be offering: mini martinis for a glamorous wedding? Popcorn for a retro wedding?


Food and Drink Favours | Confetti.co.uk
Above, from the top: Mason Jar Mug with Metallic Gold Candy Striped “Sipper” Straws | “Sweetie Pies” Mini Pie Packaging Kits with Purple Ribbon | DIY Sweet Favours

2) Disposable Cameras

Disposable cameras are an invaluable accessory for any wedding. They allow your guests to get in on the fun and capture their own memories of your big day; the photos they capture may even make their way into your own wedding album. Coming in a host of colours and designs, they’re fit for any theme or colour scheme.

Camera Favours | Confetti.co.uk
Above, left to right: Pastel Blue Disposable Camera | Vintage Design Disposable Camera

3) Bubbles

Everyone loves bubbles, and there probably aren’t many weddings or celebrations you’ve been to that have been without them. They’re fun, and they’ll keep any children at your wedding entertained (as well as the adults!). Furthermore, they don’t come in boring little bottles anymore—they come in all manner of shapes, styles and colours that are really very pretty.

Bubbles Favours | Confetti.co.uk
Above, left to right: Crystal Bubbles | Heart Shaped Bubbles

4) Coasters

Coasters are a particularly perfect wedding favour because, especially with our plain cork coasters, you begin with a completely blank slate that you can personalise to your heart’s content. Use rubber stamps, bits of ribbon, and cuttings of flowers to create the perfect DIY wedding favour.

Coaster Favours | Confetti.co.uk
Above, from the top: Love Bird Coaster Set personalised with Striped Twine and “Heart Strings” Tag | Round Cork Coasters and  Square Cork Coasters personalised with Monogram Rubber StampWhite Ribbon, and Feather Whimsy Tag

5) Notepads

Notepads are the perfect blank canvas for any wedding theme. You choose your cover design and colours to match your theme and colour scheme, and then you can attach any other little additions too—again with the ribbon and charms and cuttings of flowers. It’s a great opportunity to be creative!

Notebook Favours | Confetti.co.uk
Above, a selection of personalised notepads with our Vintage Inspired Drawer, including the “Natural Charm” Personalised Notepad shown with Wooden Pencils


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