Before meeting the marquee company

To allow the designer to tailor the marquee to your requirements and to save time it is worth considering the following prior to the initial meeting:

  • Have an approximate idea of numbers
  • Small wedding marquees (20‐100) are often more economical to buy rather than hire.
    ‐ Lightweight ‘party tents’ that use 230g/m2 roof material are the cheapest option.
    ‐ Marquees that use at least 480g/m2 roof material are better quality and will last longer.
    ‐ Linings are starting to become available for these tents and marquees
    ‐ Tents and Marquees with flame retardant material are advisable
  • For large weddings (300+) consider a wedding planner:
    ‐ Large scale organising can become a full time job
    ‐ Wedding planners have contacts for other services
  • Ask around for personal recommendations of marquee hirers.
  • Try to keep it local
    ‐ To avoid paying a premium for travelling time
    ‐ To ensure a quick response in the event of a problem (very rare!)
  • Get at least 3 quotations for differing designs and ideas as well as costs. You can always return to your preferred hirer with an alternative design.
  • If you have previously seen a theme or style you like, obtain pictures for the hirer to view.
  • Would you prefer a traditional canvas marquee with centre poles and guy ropes, or a modern frame marquee?
  • Find out if there are any underground pipes or cables in the desired location.
The “Complete Confetti Guide to Marquees” was written and submitted by Spencer King.


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