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Blossom Moodboard (Chateau Rhianfa) |
Image courtesy of Chateau Rhianfa

The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and the first buds of spring are bursting through and reminding us that brighter days are on their way!

The ultimate sign that spring has truly arrived is the blooming of blossom trees with their pretty petals, scattering the ground like confetti! There is something magical and romantic about blossom trees, making them an ideal theme for your spring wedding.


If you are undecided on a season to marry or you are still looking for a theme for your wedding, let our blossom moodboard inspire your special day!

Blossom Wedding Moodboard |
Glass Globe Lace Pattern Candle Holder | Personalised Burlap Table Runner | Silk Cherry Blossom Petals | Shabby Chic Hook Set With Mr. And Mrs. Inscription | Vintage Inspired Pressed Glass Goblet | Vintage Inspired Pressed Glass Flute | String Of Lights With Round White Paper Lanterns

This theme is pretty and feminine, but is also incredibly versatile and can be styled in many different ways, so the first thing to decided is which angle you want to take it in –  elegant and classic, country garden rustic, whimsical boho? The choice is yours!

Blossom Colour Palette |

Blossom comes in many shades of pinks, so mix and match delicate blush tones with brighter hues of cherry pink to create a soft, sophisticated and natural look. If it’s all looking a bit too pink, add a touch of ivory and a dash of fresh green.

Blossom |
Cherry blossom – Image courtesy of the BBC

With a theme based around flowers, it’s safe to say that this is one of the most important areas to concentrate on when styling your wedding.

Flowers blossom in the UK around mid April to mid May, however if this doesn’t sync with your wedding date, don’t be disheartened. When most people think of blossom they think of the classic oriental style cherry blossom tree which forms an impressive cloud of pink with its tiny flowers. However, according to the Oxford Dictionary, blossom is ‘flower or a mass of flowers’, so don’t feel restricted to using a plant whose beauty is so fleeting. There are many pink and ivory flowers in season throughout the year, which can be styled to give a pretty blossoming affect.

Blossom Moodboard |
Wedding cake by Sweet Hollywood | Cupcakes by Marks and Spencers | Flowers by Eve

Use flowers in abundance! Think full bouquets, bursting with a variety of blush tones and pink blooms, layered with soft ivory and a hint greenery.

Fresh flowers don’t have to be limited to bouquets and centrepieces. Drape your cake and its table in them to create your very own blossom tree, making a striking and memorable centrepiece at your wedding reception. Alternatively, embellish your wedding cake with scattered sugar flowers to create a more subtle, pretty spring effect.

For a bohemian look, style your hair in natural waves and finish with an impressive hair wreath. Delicate gypsophila headbands are a super cute take on this look for your bridesmaids!

Blossom Wedding Hair |
Images courtesy of The Bespoke Florist
Blossom Wedding |
Bridal gown by Pronovias | Flowers by Eve | Image courtesy of Olivia Shaw

Alternative colours to the classic white or ivory wedding dress are becoming more and more popular, with an increasing number available in blush pink. If you decide to go for a blush bridal gown keep it subtle, like the stunning tulle gown above by Pronovias. With all the pink flowers you don’t want to over do it!

Alternatively, if you’d like to keep your dress classic, you could accessorise with pink  jewellery and make up  for a more subtle look.

Blossom Wedding Moodboard |
Decorative Rolled Fabric Lace Flowers | Dress by Pronovias

We love the affect of the lace on the Pronvias bridal gown and this occasion dress above, which covers the bodice and then gently trickles out down the skirt, mirroring the branches of a blossom tree!

Delicate Blush Tones & Pretty Petals |
Image courtesy of Joanne and Paul’s Real Wedding | Heart shaped rose wreath | Rose petal paper confetti | Antique lace fan & white vintage romance laser cut place card – Image courtesy of Joanne and Paul’s Real Wedding

Blossom is mother nature’s confetti, so make sure you have plenty of this to hand for your guests to shower you in after the ceremony! From biodegradable paper confetti to shimmering foil and freeze-dried natural petals, it’s no surprise that we have all your confetti needs covered!

Do bare in mind though, that a lot of venues have rules on confetti. Some don’t allow it at all and others only allow natural petals, so clarify with your venue before placing an order!

Pink Finger Print Tree |
Pink Finger Print Tree

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