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Chocolate Wedding Favours: 17 Picks for Chocoholics

Chocolate wedding favours are winners in every way—they’re delicious, pretty, popular with adults and children, and friendly on the budget. Chocolate favours are also great on their own or as part of a candy buffet, and there are so many ways to present them. What’s not to love?

17 of Our Favourite Chocolate Wedding Favours

1) A Slice of Chocolate Pizza

Nearly everyone loves pizza—you can even have a pizza bouquet now!—but what’s almost better than pizza? Chocolate pizza. This would look great as a reception table centrepiece or as one of the highlights to a dessert table. And if you want to stick to the chocolate-pizza-slice wedding favour idea then you could even package each slice individually for your guests.

Delicious Dilemma Chocolate Table Centrepiece - Chocolate Pizza Slices from The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Co - Chocolate Pizza for Weddings - Wedding Dessert Ideas - Interesting Wedding Favours - Chocolate Wedding Favours | above: “Delicious Dilemma” Table Centrepiece from The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Co

2) A Mini Chocolate Pizza

Similarly, instead of just a slice of chocolate pizza you could give each guest a mini chocolate pizza apiece. They’re really versatile too, as if you wanted you could decorate each chocolate pizza to each guest’s taste.

Mini Chocolate Pizzas from The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Co - Unique Wedding Favour Ideas - Chocolate Wedding Favours | above: Mini Chocolate Pizzas from The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Co

3) A Chocolate Heart

Individually foil-wrapped chocolate hearts are a classic wedding favour, and we think they look extra pretty when attached to a personalised card or tag.

Love is Sweet - Gold and Rose Gold Chocolate Heart Wedding Favour by LittleIndieStudio on Etsy | above: “Love is Sweet” Chocolate Heart Wedding Favour by LittleIndieStudio on Etsy

4) A Luxury Chocolate

Mini chocolates such as Ferrero Rocher and Quality Street are pretty popular, so they would make great wedding favours for everyone. You could arrange them all together as a pretty dessert display, or put each in a separate favour box.

Ferrero Rocher Display by Sweet Occasions | above: Ferrero Rocher Display by Sweet Occasions

Beach Theme Wooden Trinket Boxes - Beach Wedding Favour Boxes - Starfish Wedding Favours | above: Beach Theme Wooden Trinket Boxes

5) A Chocolate Biscuit

Biscuits are popular edible wedding favours as they’re pretty affordable and very versatile—you could even make and decorate your own at home if you want. We really like the idea of giving a luxury biscuit as a wedding favour, but we’re also loving this Oreos-and-milk favour idea.

Pretty Biscuit Wedding Favour with Jewel Footed Favour Box and Antique Chic Card - Beautiful Favour Box Ideas | Oreos and Milk Wedding Favour Idea - Trendy Wedding Favours - Black and White Wedding Ideas | above: Jewel Footed Box with Mocha Mousse Ribbon and Antique Chic Large Rectangular Card | Vintage Glass Milk Bottle with Polka Dot Metallic Gold Print Paper Straws and Black Paper Bows

6) A Chocolate Macaron

Macarons come in many forms (including these stunning flower-filled macarons) and the chocolate filling of these white macarons looks divine.

Chocolate Macaron Wedding Favour Ideas - Glamorous Wedding Favour Ideas - Winter Wedding Ideas | above: Mini Clear Acrylic Phantom Chairs and Acrylic Crystal Drops with Black Ribbon

7) A Square of Chocolate

We love this sweet parcel-themed wedding favour box—the twine is just a lovely touch that does so much to add to the finished look.

Small White Tin Mailbox Favour Container - Mail Box Wedding Favour Ideas - Chocolate Wedding Favour Ideas | above: Small White Tin Mailbox Favour Container with Carte Postale Post Note Cards and Striped Cotton Baker’s Twine

8) A Chocolate Cupcake

Cupcakes are really good wedding cake alternatives and make for very easy and very pretty wedding favours too.

Mini Chocolate Cupcakes from The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Co - Yummy Wedding Favour Ideas - Chocolate Favours Inspiration - Mini Wedding Cupcake Favours | above: Mini Chocolate Cupcakes from The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Co

9) A Chocolate Bar

Chocolate bars bought en masse are probably some of the most affordable chocolate wedding favours. While there’s nothing wrong with keeping them as they come, we love the idea of re-wrapping them in personalised candy wraps to match your theme and colour scheme.

Chocolate Bar Wedding Favour Idea - Purple and Gold Wedding Theme - Personalised Chocolate Bar Wedding Favours - Geo Marble Wedding Theme | above: Geo Marble Wedding Stationery Collection

10) A Chocolate Doughnut

Doughnuts and mini doughnuts make great wedding favours whether you make them yourself, buy them ready for the day, or have them served fresh and warm on the day itself from a doughnut van.

Mini Doughnut Wedding Favours - Donut Wedding Favours - Miniature White and Yellow Iced Donuts as Wedding Favours in "We're So Engaged" Paper Favour Bags | above: Flat Personalised Paper Bags

11) A Mini Chocolate Egg

Chocolate wedding favours are great all year round, and if you’re having a spring- or Easter-themed wedding you can treat your guests to Easter eggs apiece or cute mini eggs in mini nests.

Easter Wedding Favours - Easter Egg Wedding Favour - Mini Egg Wedding Favour in a Mini Nest - Love Bird Wedding Favours | above: Miniature Birds’ Nests

12) Hot Chocolate in a Mason Jar

Hot chocolate or hot cocoa as a wedding favour is especially popular for cold winter weddings, but it’s great at any time of the year. We love this personalised mini mason jar filled with hot chocolate powder and mini marshmallows—your guests can take it home as a kind of make-your-own-hot-chocolate wedding favour.

Personalised Glass Mason Jar Favour Idea With Airtight Silver Lid - Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows Wedding Favour | above: Personalised Glass Mason Jar with Airtight Silver Lid

13) Hot Chocolate in a Mug

Similarly, steaming hot chocolate in a personalised glass mug would be a very welcome evening wedding favour for a winter wedding. It’s definitely one of our favourite chocolate wedding favours!

Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows Wedding Favour - Personalised Glass Mug Wedding Gift Idea - Hot Chocolate Wedding Favours | above: Personalised Clear Glass Coffee Mugs

14) Hot Chocolate in a Vial

Furthermore, like the mason jars at #12, we just adore these sweet little glass vials of hot chocolate powder and marshmallows. These would probably be great mini-tasters for any children at your wedding.

Hot Chocolate Wedding Favours with Mini Marshmallows - Hot Chocolate Wedding Favour Idea - Small Glass Bottle with Cork Stopper Wedding Favour - Mini Glass Vial Wedding Favour Idea - Winter Wedding Favour Ideas | above: Small Glass Bottle With Cork Stopper

15) Chocolate Ice Cream

Ice cream is perfect for summer weddings in particular, so why not use ice cream as part of your wedding favours too? Tubs or bowls of ice cream? Oysters? Cornets? It looks great and it tastes even better.

Chocolate Ice Cream Wedding Favour Idea - Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream with Raspberry and Chocolate Chips by Liliya Kandrashevich on Shutterstock | Image by Liliya Kandrashevich on Shutterstock

16) Chocolate Cakes and Rolls

Cakes come in so many sizes, tastes, and styles, so while you might already have a wedding cake that your guests will have a slice of at the end of the evening you might decide to give them a cake-based wedding favour too. For example, a selection of tiny chocolate cakes and other appetiser-style nibbles. Or you might decide on a chocolate roll or pastry.

Nyama Alternative Catering | above: Nyama Catering

17) Chocolate Alcohol

Spoil your wedding guests with miniature bottles of chocolate-based alcoholic drinks such as Baileys Chocolat Luxe, which would pair incredibly well with a hot chocolate favour. Similarly, one of our favourite unusual catering ideas is alcoholic cupcakes!

Alcoholic Cupcakes - Caramel Baileys Cupcakes Alcohol Infused Cupcakes by Baking Smarter - Mini Baileys Cupcakes - Alcoholic Chocolate Cupcakes - Chocolate Wedding Favours | above: Caramel Baileys Cupcakes, Alcohol Infused Cupcakes by Baking Smarter


Don’t they all look delicious? Of course a big part of the final look of your wedding favour is down to how they are presented—check out our selection of fun and beautiful favour boxes and our other favour containers.

LOVE Favour Boxes - Beautiful Winter Wedding Theme - Vintage Winter Wedding - Glamorous Winter Wedding - Grey and Lavender Wedding Theme | above: “LOVE” Cube Favour Boxes with Charming Aged Print

Furthermore, don’t miss this very fun and unique way of incorporating chocolate into your wedding day—you’ve seen this amazing pizza bouquet, but have you ever heard of chocolate bouquets?

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