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DIY Personalised Hand Fans

Hand fans are the perfect summer wedding accessories, and there are so many styles to choose from. Today we’ll show you 5 ways to make your own DIY personalised hand fans; not only will they help keep your guests cool on a stuffy summer afternoon, but they’ll double as order of services and wedding favours.

DIY Personalised Hand Fans |


Look #1 – Boxwood Beauty

Boxwood Decor |

What You’ll Need:

Boxwood Plant |


Step 1: Gather a few stems of boxwood and position them wherever you’d like on the fan handle.

Spring Hand Fan |

Step 2: Use baker’s twine to attach the boxwood to the fan; wrap the twine around the handle a half dozen times to both attach the boxwood securely and make sure the twine stands out.

Pink and Green Wedding |

The Final Result:

Boxwood Hand Fan |

Look #2 – Vintage Lace

Vintage Lace Fan |

What You’ll Need:

Vintage Fan |


Step 1: Use your crystal jewels to add pretty, tiny details to your fan.

Vintage Wedding |

Vintage Hand Fan |

Step 2: Cut out a piece of the pattern from your lace, such as a flower design, and glue it to your fan. This adds some pretty texture, and you can even embellish this with crystal jewels too.

Vintage Wedding Stationery |

Step 3: Loosely tie your lace around the fan handle; if your lace is without jewels, add some with your stick-on gems.

Vintage Pink |

The Final Result:

Pink Vintage |

Look #3 – Purple Petals

Purple Floral Fan |

What You’ll Need:

Purple Fan |


Step 1: As with look #2, begin by adding subtle accents to your stationery with your crystal gems.

Vintage Purple |

Step 2: Make your hand fan pop by adding a paper rose to the handle with warm glue; it matches the floral pattern of the stationery beautifully!

Purple Flower Fan |

Step 3: Tie two lengths of ribbon to your fan handle; we used two different shades of purple to give a lovely two-tone effect.

Purple Wedding |

The Final Result:

Royal Purple Wedding |

Look #4 – Country Sweet

Spring Green Wedding |

What You’ll Need:

Sweet Green Wedding |


Step 1: Punch your floral design into both sides of your fan, being careful to avoid cutting through the wording or design of the fan.

Classic Wedding Stationery |

Step 2: Overlap two of your fans with a piece (or pieces) of green card sandwiched between them. This will make your new floral-design-holes show through in green.

Green Hand Fan |

Step 3: Glue your fans together; avoid hot glue, as it could warp or show through the fan.

Spring Wedding Stationery |

Green Wedding Stationery |

Step 4: Insert the fan into the handle.

Spring Green Order of Service |

Step 5: For a pretty country touch, or to make your hand fan as part of a wedding favour, add a handkerchief to your handle. Line the handkerchief up along the back side of the handle, but be careful not to cover any wording on the back of your fan.

Garden Hand Fan |

Step 6: Flip your fan over and secure the handkerchief with a length of green ribbon. If your handkerchief is folded like ours, it will bend neatly for a beautiful natural finish.

Summer Hand Fan |

Classic Green Wedding |

The Final Result:

Rustic Hand Fan |

Look #5 – Make a Wish

Wanderlust Hand Fan |

What You’ll Need:

Wanderlust Order of Service |


Step 1: Wrap your mini pencil with your string a few times and secure with a double knot. (If you can’t find mini pencils, buy a regular pencil and cut it in half. Then you can sharpen the leftover half for another pencil.)

Rustic Hand Fan |

Step 2: Attach the pencil to your tag: first thread your string into the tag from the front and leave your pencil hanging as much or as little as you want.

Rustic Wedding |

Step 3: Making sure you hold your pencil in position, loop your string back over your tag and through the hole again. Secure with a double knot.

Rustic Stationery |

Step 4: Thread one strand of your string through the fan handle tab.

Rustic Wedding Stationery |

Step 5: Tie the two strands of string together in a double knot and then a bow.

Country Hand Fan |

Step 6: Insert your fan into the handle.

Country Wedding Stationery |

With these fans, your guests can use the attached tags as wishing cards; they can write a wish for the couple and drop them in a “wishing well” or wedding post box during the reception.

The Final Result:

Country Wedding Favours |

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